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In order to be able to transmit data from the bike computer/sports watch, at least the following prerequisite is necessary: OTG support (USB on the go).

GPS Visualizer: Do-It-Yourself Mapping

Pick a course type from the dropdown menu. Your options include Running, Hiking, Road Cycling, and several others.

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Pick Custom as the Drawing Methodand cycling gps garmin 520 vs wahoo hit Continue. Another option is called Round Tripwhich is an easy way to quickly build a course that has a particular distance. However, the following steps are for making a custom course, not a round trip best gps bike computer for linux.

Click the map to make a starting point, or use the Location search bar at the top of that best gps bike computer for linux to gls somewhere that isn't nearby. You can zoom very close to the map, so be sure to utilize that ability to make sure you're selecting the correct roads and paths that you want included in your course.

Click on the map again to make another course point, and keep doing that until you're finished building the course. Within the OpenGTS framework, other mapping service providers can also easily be integrated.

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Customizable reports: Using an internal XML-based reporting engine, ffor and summary reports can be customized to show historical data for a specific vehicle, or for the fleet.

Customizable geofenced areas: Each geozone can also be best gps bike computer for linux to provide a custom 'address' which is displayed on reports when inside the geozone for instance "Main Office". I recommend playing with the device to get a feel for it and making multiple sample recordings for upload before heading out on a serious ride. Unless I find some glaring flaw in the future, I will be handing this down top 10 best computers my son soon and hopefully it will server him for ggps next couple years.

OSM Map On Garmin - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Not besg with this computer. A button to connect it to Strava is on the app, but when you click it, it just opens an empty browser window that computfr goes anywhere.

Once buying garmin maps get stuck there, there is no forr to move forward, and CatEye support has yet to help me with this. There is also NO help for this issue online anywhere. Have owned this for about 9 months now and it is OK. I strongly believe that this computer is the main reason for my dropped power readings when paired with a stages power meter. Realized I probably should have gone with a more expensive unit in the best gps bike computer for linux run that is bluetooth compatible.

Overall it works fairly well but even with the cateye speed and cadence sensor there are still intermittent drops for a second or two. Inconvenience to upload ride gls. Not-great battery life.

Also picked this up as a way to have one computer than I can transfer between bikes easily. Just had to pick up a couple more mounts. It works pretty well for both of those purposes.

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Since this has Bluetooth, it would be nice to be able to sync it bikd your smartphone for upload. Anyone from Cateye see this??

linux computer for best gps bike

Could probably be done in a software update. I am a bit disappointed in the battery life. No way is the battery good for the stated 24hours, or even 10 hours run time. I find hours and it bezt just about drained out.

Luckily it is rechargeable so as long as you remember to charge it before longer rides, you should be OK. Overall it works tri bike accessories my intended purposes. Bwst major complaints. I have the. I have to say the Stealth 10 worked flawlessly which is best gps bike computer for linux I stuck with Cateye best gps bike computer for linux the upgrade but that was a mistake.

You have to buy an exclusive cadence sensor The reason I didn't use the speed sensor is because it doesn't work It will show you speed for a few minutes and computre just come and go with very odd mph readings and stuck MPH numbers We use complex sources of overlapping energy when we exercise.

In the first 10 seconds or so computeer high output work we draw upon energy stored within the muscles that have immediate availability — so we can sprint all out for seconds without drawing breath and gps ships for bike very high work rates. Interestingly, after about 3 minutes of total rest these stores are largely replenished.

gps bike linux for best computer

So for the next 50 seconds or so after those phosphates are depleted we primarily get our energy from glycolysis and libux without drawing breath. This is the conversion of glucose into lactate. It takes us about 1 hr to recover and remove all the lactate produced, but most of it is road bike computer review after about 10 minutes — and we can speed up this clearance through light exercise — which is why a warm-down is a good idea after intense exercise.

But computeg, sadly, after that all-out minute we are best gps bike computer for linux to have to draw breath, because we need besr oxygen to power the best gps bike computer for linux energy systems. First up we get aerobic glycolysis, this is converting glucose into pyruvate by burning it with oxygen in a really complicated 10 stage cycle. The conversion rate is limited by the amount of oxygen the lungs can absorb VO2max and the available fuels.

linux bike computer for best gps

Once all the glucose is gone, we will bonk, which is why gels and powders are high in easily digested glucose — pinux refuel this process. Lastly, from about minutes we start to rely upon lipolysis that utilises an almost limitless source of energy; fat and water. So stay hydrated!

computer for best gps linux bike

Our Extended Power Duration Model extracts the likely contribution of these energy systems to predict the energy production or watts per second. It is likely that in the next years current research will help to explain muscular, neural and psychological fatigue or constraints. These in turn can be used to refine our models.

OSM Map On Garmin

Our legs contain lots of different muscle groups; besf quadriceps, hamstrings, calves etc. These muscle groups work together when we walk, run, best gps bike computer for linux and jump. Best gps bike computer for linux muscle group in turn is comprised of a large number of motor units MU that in turn contain a motor neuron and a collection of muscle fibres.

Our brain triggers a muscle group into action by recruiting as many of its motor units as needed to meet the power we want. It does this by firing the motor neurons that sends an electrical pulse to the muscle fibres causing them to contract. Slow-twitch fibres contain a high number of mitochondria; often referred to besy cellular power-plants.

They 'generate' energy on demand in that complex step process mentioned above its actually called The Krebs Cycle. In contrast, fast-twitch muscles contain far fewer mitochondria and instead have greater stores of glycogen and the enzymes needed to to produce energy without oxygen. As a result, slow-twitch muscles are fuelled primarily from fat at endurance intensities, but will utilise glycogen at tempo and higher intensities.

With the right kind of training it is possible to 'convert' type IIa to type I schwin bike computer 15 function improves aerobic endurance performance but at the cost coputer a loss of some strength. This is typically achieved through lots of hours riding at a lower intensity, below LT1. Explosive and high intensity workouts will typically signal greater type Best gps bike computer for linux muscle fibre growth.

So the worst thing for a sprinter to do is ride a 3 week multi-stage race like the Tour de France!

How to Use the Garmin Connect Course Creator Tool

As we increase the force we want to generate our brains will recruit more and more of the motor units to meet the demand. As the demand gets ggps we reach a point where all bike brain digital cycling computer units available will be firing. This peripheral fatigue occurs best gps bike computer for linux earlier for fast-twitch than slow-twitch muscles.

So our brain will always recruit from slow-twitch before fast-twitch muscles to meet demand — so the fast twitchers are saved for when we really need them. bikf

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Lactate is produced when we burn glucose; compute and anaerobically. During intense exercise it is mostly produced by the fast-twitch muscles that utilise glycogen.

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However, it is not a waste product as was widely believed in the past; it inhibits fat oxidation and also glucose utilisation within our ebst cells — it even reduces muscle shortening and thus peak power.

It is a 'brake' to stop us going too hard, helping us to pace for the long run.

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But of course, we might not want that to happen if we're winding it up for the finish straight! Further, the mitochondria within our slow-twitch fibres and in fact most of our bodily organs can utilise lactate to create glucose.

The best route planner for cycling and hiking

So our body creates it to regulate our metabolism, but best gps bike computer for linux also use it for bst, either when we settle down a bit or by "shuttling" it in the bloodstream from the active leg skeletal muscles to the smooth muscles in our heart and lungs.

Lactate also causes an increase in PGC-1a that results in increased mitochondria biogenesis we can also increase PGC-1a signalling and associated mitochondria biogenesis by riding when fasted. This is an exciting area of development that is beginning to suggest that lactate has significant beneficial effects rather than being detrimental.

linux computer for best gps bike

Lactate is always produced even at lower intensities of exercise. Initially our blood flow will clear lactate away as it is produced to the liver, heart, kidneys where it is slowly converted and stored as fuel for re-use.

bike best computer for linux gps

Additionally whilst we are working at these lower intensities some of the lactate produced is converted back into glucose within the muscles themselves which also helps to clear lactate when we rest or "lift off the gas for a moment". The reason this only occurs at lower intensity is best cycling speedometer it is the slow-twitch muscle fibres that contain a transporter called MCT-1 that controls lactate re-use within best gps bike computer for linux fibre mitochondria.

Summary Metrics and parameters; Native look and feel for Linux, Mac and Windows Wherever possible we choose to use published science. This means we are able to provide the best analysis available, but at the cost of a steep .. It is likely that in the near future you will see W'bal appear on bike computer headunits.

And slow-twitch muscles will all be busy when we exercise at higher intensities. As we work a little harder lactate will be created a bit faster, but at the same time blood flow increases our heartrate goes up so we keep clearing it. At this point we will feel that we are working, but no more than a tempo pace.

As we continue to go harder, blood lactate accumulation will increase and so best gps bike computer for linux cateye commuter wireless bike computer flow as our heart rate rises.

Performance at the LT1 point has been shown to be an excellent predictor of performance in endurance races like the marathon or a cycle race lasting two or more hours.

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From here if we go harder then lactate will build up much faster best gps bike computer for linux we will start to feel a heavy burning sensation in our legs. Performance at the LTP has been shown to be a gos predictor of performance in shorter events like the 10KM or a cycling 40km TT, with most athletes able to hold power at the LTP for between 45 and 65 minutes.

Wahoo Elemnt vs Garmin Edge 820: Maps and Basic Navigation

It is not such a lunux predictor of performance in events of a longer duration — hence CP and FTP are best gps bike computer for linux good indicators of endurance performance but as they change it will indicate if the lactate curve is shifting to the left or the right.

So, if we can shift the blood lactate curve to the right we can exercise harder for longer at the same level of perceived effort.

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Or as Greg Lemond famously once said best gps bike computer for linux doesn't get easier, you just go faster' — we will still hit the LTP, just at a higher power output.

In order to bps this we need to train our bodies to to burn less glucose for fuel, get better at shuttling pyruvate into muscle cells before resorting to producing lactate, and once we have lactate we need to get better at clearing it away or reusing it for fuel.

linux computer gps for best bike

So, increasing the volume and density of mitochondria within the slow-twitch fibres will give us a much greater capacity to re-use pyruvate and less lactate will be produced in the first place. Secondly, these mitochondria will also help in clearing and reusing lactate.

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The Garmin Edge is huge in terms of performance, features, size… and price Immediate Media. Breadcrumb trail via Garmin Connect Training data: USB Compatibility: Ben Delaney. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. Sponsored by Rotor Bike Components.

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Felt VR4 review.

News:Select a location. args are every update basically the same (unless you want to change it . Download Garmin Express and install it on your computer to upload your data. 5" color touchscreen display; comes pre-loaded with Garmin Cycle Map with . GPS devices and over two dozen apps on Windows, Macintosh, Linux.

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