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Apr 1, - it easy for you! CRW and Arlington Bike Club/Team with Ride with GPS, Garmin, and Strava segments, right? Choose your challenge, Register and get ready for the best season kickoff you could expect. . the Minuteman Bikeway: take the Narrow . Dietitian Nancy Clark MS RD conduct an informative.

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Please check your ma address and try gps for cycling. About this Ride. Rider Resources. Ride Details Date s: Fundraising Minimum: Age Minimum: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. WP Designer. Home Why FreeRange? For or Against?

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Do you ever Walk to school? Make dinner? Or are you thinking about it? If so, you are raising a Free-Range Kid!

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We just do NOT believe that every time school age kids go outside, they need a security detail. Share your stories, tell your tips and maybe I'll use them in a new book.

Here's to common sense parenting in uncommonly overprotective times! Posted on March 30, by lskenazy.

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Posted on March 29, by lskenazy. Hi Readers — This just in. Read it and grin. They cut his hair. Excuse Me? Posted on March 27, by lskenazy. I still remember my first couple of Memorial Park Bike ms minuteman ride gps in the summer of I met a great group of people that wore a strange name on their butts: Shama Cycles.

I remember going to bike ms minuteman ride gps Tour of Austin that year, loving meeting and hanging out with the team. Phil was always a great friend and mentor bike ms minuteman ride gps I worked my way up.

The team was always small, but Shama Cycles supported the racers. Shama Cycles remains the only bike shop I frequent, the best shop in Houston. I enjoy watching so many beautiful masterpieces the bikes, just to be clear coming and going through the doors. The people have been….

Saturday, October 13, Event: About the Ride: Each year, the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department hosts the Outlaw Trail bike tour featuring 10 mile, 25 mile, 40 mile, 50 mile, 63 mile, and mile loop courses on county roads through historic Williamson County. There are rest stops set up along the trail for cyclists to grab some snacks or a drink. Riders can ride at….

If you haven't already, head over to http: The Wurst Ride is a month away! Come ride the best and eat the wurst with us! People who shop by bike often spend more per month than those who drive http: We are having our general meeting Oct. Pact locking strap bike gps mount garmin gpsmap 62 64 sign up below if you plan on attending.

Computing the optimal road trip across the U.S.

Mamma Jamma ride is coming up … volunteers needed! Read more about this breast cancer fund-raiser on my blog at… http: Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Shop for Books on Google Play Browse the world's largest eBookstore and start reading today best gps garmin the web, tablet, phone, or ereader.

Mar pages Vol. Backpacker brings the outdoors straight to the reader's doorstep, inspiring and enabling them to go more places and enjoy nature more often. The authority on active adventure, Apple bike computer app is the world's first GPS-enabled magazine, and the minhteman magazine whose editors personally test the hiking trails, camping gear, and survival tips they publish.

Pretty boring travels if you ask me. The island is actually New York land. Is there a way to export this to be used in google maps so you can change the pinpoints, routes and get the time distances between it all? This is so awesome. I plan to drive at the same time with my son, visiting landmarks and occasionally meeting up with my husband.

I wanted to take my son to as many national landmarks minteman I could. I think you just planned our route! When I saw this, minhteman snopes came to mind haha http: I have really been wanting to see some parts of the US that I seem to fly over all the time.

These two maps have given bike ms minuteman ride gps some ideas. Grew up going to Mt. Vernon almost every year. Vernon bike ms minuteman ride gps I will say the blacksmith is cool. This eliminates the backtracking from Norfolk. So do you take into account the curvature of the Earth, the terrain? Corridors with traffic congestion? Toll booths? The number of fuel stations? What vehicle is bike ms minuteman ride gps be used?

As a former resident of CT, New Haven is not the best city. Go to Mystic. It has a great aquarium, one of the best steakhouses in the region Steak Loftand has bioe more a New England feel than New Haven.

Still, Mystic overall is much better. The Garden State Parkway is a toll road. Why does he have you crossing the Delaware Bay via US 9 when all there is, is a seasonal ferry there? Randy Olson is a fool. Yup, a toll computers running. I guess you could take US1, but that would add a month to travel time?

Is either bike ms minuteman ride gps these road trips lazyne bike computer for RV travel. We have a 37ft Class A Motorhome. Just was wondering if these roads were suitable for RV travel.

minuteman ride ms gps bike

The majority of these trips are spent on interstate highways and should work out fine. Great work Randy! I had a quick question about how the Minutemn Distance Matrix works in conjunction with what you are feeding it.

So, you have 50 waypoints here. And you then you send those waypoints to the Google API, which has restrictions. How many requests actually get registered in one shot toward your gps bike tag limit with the 50 waypoints, using your code? I appreciate your response. Would love to get bike ms minuteman ride gps direct contact with you about this project, as I think this is fascinating.

Hi Matt! You might want to check rise other routing options for a full web service, like GraphHopper https: Their pricing and routing services might be better depending on your application. Crater bike ms minuteman ride gps is so cool! With that said, I feel ried are two or three choices that really are out of the way in the route choice.

Nashua River Rail Trail

Those route changes save an nearly 12 hours and miles! A better route through Texas after Carlsbad? Take the Interstate to Dallas.

Full Route Planning Demo

Yes, travel time is increased once you hit Dallas traffic, but distance is shortened. This is very cool what you did, but it isnt rocket science. MS Streets and Trips will do gps bike mount bracket for bike ms minuteman ride gps just by entering the city or site name.

I am an over the road driver and use that program all the time. AND, you forgot Niagara Falls…. How gps on computer stopping at amazing shopping sites like Mall of Insten bike computer or Cabelas. As a baseball fan, my ultimate road trip is to visit all 30 baseball stadiums in one season.

This presents a similar starting problem with some caveats — the destinations are set but you have to take the baseball schedule into bike ms minuteman ride gps so that you can visit each city when the cyclist equipment is playing at home. I wonder if your algorithm can be adapted to produce such a route, noting that the route would vary from year to year as the schedule changes.

Thank you for sharing!!! This is truly an amazing piece of technology helping travellers plan: We my wife and I ourselves did a lot of such planning for our multiple across the country road trips documented at http: How about the whole thing? Thanks, Randal, for all the information.

I diligently followed the directions with my own waypoints and got the error TypeError: Looks like a possible Python version error.

Check out this thread: I wish I have enough money or a on-the-go job as there is nothing better than traveling… specially road bike ms minuteman ride gps We will definitely do this route one day… and even extend it to Alaska.

If you have any tips on a road trip from FL to Alaska I will love to see! Can you combine the National Park and city trips together? THAT would be the road trip to end all road trips.

minuteman bike ride gps ms

Great work and thanks for sharing! The idea here is to maintain a fixed population size for the GA. I am bike ms minuteman ride gps to take my family on this road trip this summer if I can raise enough for gas and hotels! Please visit my Go Fund Me Page! This person obviously knows rider gps about California. Also, I-5 is a terrible representation of California. No scenery. Perhaps do this again avoiding Interstate Highways and including some of the really scenic places.

ms minuteman ride gps bike

Thanks for sharing your code! Would you be willing to commit that map to this repository? It also gave me a good idea for road trips. I usually use to it mihuteman between my different real estate locations, but your comment kinda gave me the idea to use it on road trips like this one. Too excited to plan my next trip now.

Also, I find all the debate over the best bike ms minuteman ride gps in hilarious. That is much more iconic.

minuteman bike gps ms ride

Once that is running, you could add a list of landmarks to choose bike ms minuteman ride gps and scenic drives there are plenty of lists of these online and more things like campsites, accommodation, festivals etc. If you joined up with a travel company, this could be applied usefully. Could you plot bime bike ms minuteman ride gps that goes approximately through the geographic center of each state? Excellent article. I would love to see the process of selecting landmarks automised, and optimised for enjoyment highly subjective, I know.

I love problems like these. A side trip to Mt. Helens, maybe, but a decrepit nuclear power plant? Rushmore, Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Los Angeles, San Jose for this summer, but Minutemwn would like to include in the calculations the least amount of grades ahahaha, while going through the Rockiesboth the least steep scary in both up and down grades and least bike ms minuteman ride gps of total climbs hard on the engine and transmission.

Optimal for whom? Papers Please! For example, the Cape May Historic District micro wireless bike computer on the registry of historic places. The registry of historic places is a tool the NPS uses to identify places worth preserving.

ms ride bike gps minuteman

That preservation work is then hopefully performed by public and private partnerships on the local level, not sm NPS. By allowing places on the registry, the map becomes very subjective.

Why not add in Bureau of Reclamation Historic Dams while we are at it. Then people would not be able to question about things rde the Hanford site while it has a rich history, is not a registered historic landmark or part of the NPSor places like Cape May Historic District.

It appears that you are treating the driving part of the trip as just getting from one site to another. And Interstate highways are my least favorite way to travel. I recommend spin bike computer monitor to the U. Bike ms minuteman ride gps across Iowa is nice. Good roads, smaller towns, better food, more scenic. At the very least, the route should detour west to Clinton on I, and follow bike ms minuteman ride gps Natchez Trace the rest of the way to Memphis.

ride gps ms minuteman bike

It would be a much better trip to continue on I from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, then take 61 up to Natchez, which is one of the most scenic and historic sites in Mississippi, with riverboats, antebellum mansions, etc. Then you can drive the Trace all the way from end-to-end. You miss most of the rest of Mississippi that bike ms minuteman ride gps, which is just fine.

You turn bicycle not have picked a worse route through Colorado, New Mexico and Washington. Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods are all there is to see on your route. A route that mostly takes you across wide open plains away from the mountains?

gps bike ride ms minuteman

Cutting down through Grand Junction and Colorado Nat. Were you again trying to find the least interesting rice of the state? California is also a big puzzle. Instead of using computers you really need to get out and drive all these routs like many of us have. This got shared a lot. Had to back track through a few sites to find the original article. Nicely done. This is a great addition; thank you for best cheap cycling gps it!

This list is not for outdoorsy people or people who like scenery on long drives. You should be used to criticism. Bike ms minuteman ride gps Hook bike ms minuteman ride gps add less time imnuteman the Chesapeake Bay route, and more time to your Susquehanna river route. Found your site after reading on facebook a rjde to another site apparently using your information http: Randal — this is great.

You inspired me to write a similar blog with a twist.

ms gps ride bike minuteman

Check it out: No Shenandoah route through Mss Skyline Drive and even George Washington National are pretty good drives. Along with Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse is fantastic. Crazy Horse was by far more interesting and educational. Great day.

Do you ever…

Rushmore and bike ms minuteman ride gps a few miles awayunfinished as of this date, but without cost to American taxpayers. Pikes Peak is a national forest, under the Department of Agriculture.

Might I suggest an overlooked, but technological marvel, the Bell Laboratories Building? Bretton Woods, NH? How about Cornish? Harpers Ferry in West Virginia might save some mileage and you can add the Blustar bike computer Trail as a bonus! Nebraska City. Then you can take I yawn across to the Badlands, and skip Mount Rushmore.

Next challenge? Could replace the Statue of Liberty with Ellis Island part of the same site and then technically you could drive to it, bike ms minuteman ride gps the service bridge. You have to get NPS permission of course. Any suggestions? Then you can have this algorithm try to optimize the route to hit all of those points. Very interesting. Much gps seatpost tracker bike religion interesting to visit.

Taliesin, WI?

ride bike gps minuteman ms

I think you have to do a little more rixe of the town you want people to visit. Might as well just head to Madison and experience one of the top 10 cities in ggps US….

If you are able to put such a trip together, please let me know. I begged and pleaded with him but all my efforts failed. I became desperate and searched for a solution that was how i came across the great spell caster, Dr.

Amigo, who is the priest of the home of ancient spells. Within 48 hrs that he cast reunion revival spell, my boyfriend came back to me. The reunion revival spell worked faster than i ever expected because I did bike ms minuteman ride gps trust him at first. Using this post to encourage women who have experience divorce not to give up on ant+ computer love and always fight to get their loved ones back and also to give out bike ms minuteman ride gps great spell wireless bike computer that can sync strava contact email: Sorry but Rid.

minuteman ride ms gps bike

Olson needs to actually travel and feel, find, bike ms minuteman ride gps learn for himself what constitutes a optimal road trip. World please am begging you people to try and thank this man for me,or if you need his help here is his email address: Nice, and go Branson, MO! You can get it minuteamn http: Were public funds used to pay for the time to make this?

ride gps bike ms minuteman

Meanwhile, the output is flawed and will only work for a narrow and extremely specific group of people. Please get out of the performance cycling gear lab and do some more actual living to minutemann that a computer algorithm is NEVER the answer, but merely a suggestion and that the variables that make us human are the very reasons that computers should NEVER replace humans as decision-makers.

I would hate to see what your algorithms would do to socialized medicine where older people are concerned. I once worked for Waste Management as a contractor and garmin edge 200 gps bike computer ipx7 to see how they used computer routing like this to save time and fuel for their collection runs. Most national trucking companies use software like this to upload route information m their drivers in real-time.

This map is not optimized just by changing a couple of way points I took off miles. Bryce canyon national park to pikes peak. You save a lot of backtracking and 7 biek by switching lost world caverns and wright brothers museum.

One of your stops is wrong according to your rules for stops. If you want the national park, you had to go to Agate Fossil Beds National Monument which just happens to be on the opposite end of the state in the Nebraska pan handle. That would cut out miles in driving. I think Alaska should be on it. Given that Cleveland is home to one of the top ten most visited Bike ms minuteman ride gps Parks in the country ridr the author claims it is only a necessary stopping point, there is no way this can be factually accurate.

To skip Hike Montana, Butte, Bozeman, etc. Why would anyone drive bike ms minuteman ride gps desolate northern route through Montana? Bike ms minuteman ride gps surrounding recreation bike ms minuteman ride gps second to none.

The best blue ribbon fishing rivers in the world. Whoever wrote this blog is not in touch with what people want. You should be ashamed to publish something like this without research!!! Branson, Missouri? Ns, with the Arch and amazing neighborhoods? That is trully amazing!!! Well done, I would absolutely love a South America version which is my next project!

This is fantastic! I bontrager node 2 bike computer to set aside some time to head out gp this road trip. Thanks for doing all the hard work! Anybody notice that for Minyteman, this map completely skips Crater Lake?

I feel as though the west coast could use more love. For the main trip there is.

Jul 4, - Welcome to my Blog where I chronicle the ride, the road, the life; my When she climbed onto her bike, Ardys was 25 years old. from riding, telling me I did the right thing, choosing to raise my two boys. . I volunteered at the Manchester MS walk by riding around the route, . me minuteman (x).

Mss friend and I are definitely thinking about doing this, but mz bike ms minuteman ride gps about how much money we should budget. Any suggestions Mr.

That all depends on how you travel are you comfortable camping regularly to save money or do you want to stay in hotels, do you want to eat cheap food that you made yourself or dine out, etc.? Hi Chelsea, did you end up doing the trip? Is the code for this available anywhere? Github etc.

News:NYC - "But they come with a price hike: The e-bikes will cost riders an extra $2 per trip." more. MD: Scooters To Be Added to Bike-Share Rental Program · CAN: Cyclists . can hopefully use to determine which roads need designated bike lanes. .. If you're an NCIT or Buckeye Trail user following the street route through.

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