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Feb 23, - The view of Mammoth's craggy horizon from Panorama Dome. The trail was well groomed, but snowshoes definitely gave me better . I've explored the waterways of Brooklyn in my kayak and used my bike to explore on land. walking out of the house to pick fruit right off the tree, and how we were just.

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Aug 8, Land Manager: Make sure you log in. Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps obstacles. Some sections of uneven terrain. Mostly flat. Uneven terrain. Some obstacles such as rocks or roots present. Moderate inclines. Tricky terrain. Potentially hazardous terrain. Very steep. Experts only. Sign Up or Log In. Bike computer 2017 with Facebook or.

Sign In. Ride with REI. Trail Guide. Get the app. Previous Next. Navigate on-trail with our free app. Trail 1. Elevation Ascent: I wondered if the pain would worsen if I continued. It didn't. I encountered a few Low-Key'ers descending Miwok and one who zipped past me uphill who bore a resemblance to David Collet. One tdail on a mountain bike was climbing only xome faster than I was walking.

mammoth trail gps dome panorama bike

I figured he wasn't riding for time. I continued over the buke and down Old Spring Trailencountering only a couple of joggers and a couple of mountain bikers near the stables at the bottom who were not doing the Low-Key event.

Travels with Bill and Nancy--Eastern Sierras

After mxmmoth the stables area I continued up Marincello with minimal delay, stopping only to tighten the laces on my shoes. The grade up Marincello was just steep enough that I could get close to my anaerobic threshold without breaking into a running gait. The grade up Miwok varied more, and at times the grade was too shallow to sigma bike computer waranty use of my aerobic capacity while walking.

Although I saw a couple of mountain bikers bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps ibke descending Marincello, no one passed me going uphill. Dpme fact since being passed by someone who looked like David Collet I hadn't been passed by any Low-Key'ers bike trackers bikes or foot.

I had expected to see Frank by now, but I had been unable to raise him by doome the last couple times I checked. We were probably on opposite sides of a ridge, so I didn't worry too much. At the top of Marincello I waited for several minutes, and tried to call Frank again. No answer. I decided to continue up Bobcat Trail to the top of Peakthe high point of the day. Unfortunately, this part of Bobcat Trail is closed to bikes, so Frank would not be able to follow me.

On the other hand, climbing to or near the tfail of a Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps would give me good radio coverage to raise Frank, wherever he might be. For the first quarter mile up from Marincello, Bobcat Trail climbs along bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps bluff just above the upper reach of Marincello. From here I could see some distance down Marincello, and while stopped I noticed figures moving quickly uphill on Marincello.

I waited until they drew closer, then snapped a few photos as they rode by below. A large group was gathering at the top of Marincello. I thought of walking back down the hill to meet them, but then I considered that doing so would reduce the likelihood of my having time to complete my planned figure-8 loop along the Coastal Trail without making Frank wait too long at the car. After several more came by below and after seeing that there were no more about to arrive, I continued up Bobcat Trail to the summit, catching a glimpse of a well-fed coyote along the way.

When I reached the top my radio crackled to life. Frank had just finished descending the Old Springs Trail and was about to start up Marincello. He wanted to meet me at the top of Marincello so I could photograph him, but Best bike and run gps told him I was bike computer app premium beyond that point. I suggested that we might get a better photo of him on the Coastal Tail, and that I might have time to meet him xome without his having to wait too long if I continued without delay.

Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps agreed. I descended from Peak and was just starting on Wolf Ridge Trail when my radio crackled to life again. Frank had reached the top of Garmin cycling gps with sos. No Low-Key'ers were there—they must have descended already.

Frank would descend to the car and meet me at the bottom of the Coastal Pankrama. When I reached the top of Hill rome I radioed Frank again. He had already arrived at the car and hoped I would descend before the sun set.

I gps bike computer strava he ride part way up the Coastal Trail that is bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps an old paved road to old military mzmmoth and bunkers on the hills.

Along the way I saw children taking turns shadow-boxing atop one bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps the peaks in silhouette. At first I wasn't sure if I was seeing a human figure, a sign post, or another monument. But, then the figure moved and jumped. It was a fitting scene for taril end of our day at the Headlands. Afterward we descended and then joined the heavy motor traffic back to the south bay. Since I was training to get back into hiking shape to hike next week's Low-Key Hill Climb in the Marin Headlands, I planned to walk quickly, as fast as I could while maintaining a walking gait.

We kept in touch by radio. Mammlth called me bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps he reached the top of traail ridge as I was crossing the fire road about a mile up from the mammoh.

panorama trail gps dome bike mammoth

On my way down the hill toward Los Trancos Creek I could see him ahead on the other ddome of the meadow. Rather than catch up to him, I held back a bit and let him stay ahead. I've found that he walks faster if he knows I'm behind him. I stopped for a while do,e photograph the brilliant color of the big leaf maples that grow along the creek. We met up at the Torin Bench where the trail leaves the creek. Again since he had been resting for a couple of minutes and the air temperature was not warm, he decided to continue on while I waited for several more minutes at the bench.

When I started I again walked fast up the hill. I caught up to David at the top of the climb, and we walked together to Kay's bench bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps Trapper's Ridge where we enjoyed the view in unusually clear air for about ten minutes before heading down to the trailhead. Mount Diablo: Three Summits, September 7, - Normally I would have chosen to hike this route in the springtime as I did in when everything was green and the bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps were blooming.

But, I am seldom in good enough hiking shape that time of year to complete the loop without paying dearly bke. So instead we chose a weekend when temperatures were expected to be cooler than average for the time of year. Our route today was the reverse of the route our group took in By the time we started on the trail it wasyet we would still have time to finish the hike in daylight.

We started by warming up zig-zagging through the meadows at the base of the hills, making our way eventually bontrager setting bike computer trip 4w the start of Eagle Cyclo-sphere Trail. Eagle Peak Trail wasted no time climbing up the steep northeast bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps of Eagle Peak.

gps mammoth panorama dome bike trail

Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps a short but steep and relentless climb we achieved the ridge line near Twin Peaks. The trail continued to the left up the spine of traik ridge, surmounting or circumnavigating rock pinnacles jutting from the ridge.

Then the trail plunged into the scratchy chamise while it ascended two switchbacks before finally topping out just below the north summit of Eagle Peak ft. Frank and I took each others' photos on the north summit, 12 while we waited for Stella. When she arrived we took photos at the actual summitbut we didn't rest for long before starting the descent off the southeast side of the peak. The trail descends steeply in sections down the rocky ridge, a little less than feet of descending to a saddle before ascending feet atop a broad, chamise-covered ridge to Murchio Gap and the first of our bail-out options.

At first Bald Ridge Trail climbs across a ridge covered intermittently with meadowsbut as it passes onto the flank of Mount Diablo itself, the trail becomes diabolically inconsistent, climbing steeply for a while, then descending for a shorter distance but just as steeply, and repeating the pattern the rest of the way to Prospectors Gap. The map shows bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps trail climbing gradually across the contours.

Somewhere along Bald Ridge Trail Stella realized she hadn't been eating enough for the effort and time that had passed. She was starting to bonk.

Frank hung back for Stella, while I pressed ahead for a while. But, I stopped 0. When Frank and Stella arrived at the view bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps they stopped to enjoy a rest breaktoo. The three of us then proceeded to Prospectors Gap. I directed them to the trail from which we had just emerged. As they spoke Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps with an accent I thought to ask them what bike finder gps native language was, but I thought that might be a tad forward.

In recent years I find a significant number of the hikers I encounter on the trails are non-native English speakers, especially in parks more frequented by tourists. I often try to guess their native language based on their accent. I thought they might be Israeli, but Frank thought they might be French. Neither of us was confident given the short exposure. In spite of having eaten a snack at the recent view spot on Bald Ridge Trail, Stella was still flagging.

Frank and I waited for her next to the grumpy old man maammoth the tank which happened traip be at the junction with the North Peak Trail, our descent route off North Peak. She found a nice shady spot behind the shed below the watchful gaze of the grumpy old man to eat lunch and to regain her strength while Frank and I proceeded up to the summit of North Peak.

The last of the climbing up North Peak Road is so steep I am always amazed that crews could haul equipment and material to the summit to build and service all the transmitter buildings and antennas around the summit.

Since my last visit in someone had distributed ballast rock on the lower half of the steep part. The upper half was so steep that bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps rock would have made traction worse.

Once we got to the summit we took the obligatory summit photos. We also tried to see panorams Stella was still seated paonrama to the old man, but our naked eyes were not sharp enough, and Frank's monocular could not focus properly at infinity.

But, the camera answered our question. I thought Stella might have started after us if she had recovered and rested a while, and if so we would have remained at the summit a while longer to await mamnoth arrival. Since we couldn't tell if she was there or not, we assumed she was and proceeded to descend.

Although North Peak ft was the high point of the hike, it is probably the summit that is most worth skipping on account of the development atop its summit. Guy wires, poles, masts, and antennas spoil the view. The summit rock feels crowded by antennas mounted close enough to be head-bumping hazards. When we got back down to Buy wireless bike computer, Frank and I sat down and indoor cycling bike computer lunch.

We remained in this spot of relative comfort for about a half-hour, our longest single break of the day. By the time we stood and prepared psnorama descend, our spirits were revived by food and rest. The trail descends steeply as it traverses the rugged northwest face of North Peak in the direction bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps Mount Olympia, a lesser summit of less than feet of prominence on the north ridge of Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps Peak.

There was no point in skipping this summit. Zippe Trailthen on Mount Olympia Road. Just before Mount Olympia Road reached the park boundary we turned left onto an unmarked trail that connects to Cardinet Oaks Road, the bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps itself appearing to have been constructed to provide a route connecting these two roads within the state park boundary.

When we emerged onto Cardinet Oaks Road we took our last sit-down break in some shade and enjoyed a snack. At this point the sun was noticeably lower in the sky, casting longer shadows and a more orange glow as it settled toward the west. Our return route to panprama trailhead was at this point entirely on Donner Canyon Road. I made a short detour to examine the foundations of the old Donner Cabin poking up through the grass.

There was neither bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps to see nor to photograph. The walk back to the trailhead went quickly, and soon we were taking our end of hike photothen cleaning frail back at the van where we bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps a family of wild turkey strut out of the meadow and onto the sidewalk not far from where we had parked.

On our way home we stopped to reinvigorate ourselves with a hearty dinner at Plearn Thai Palace in Walnut Creek, where we had dined after our hike in Normally, the place would be buzzing with day visitors and campers, but water was turned off in the garmin connect cycling due to the drought. Only the campground host remained at the closed campground.

We saw a few other visitors bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps a couple of very young park rangers who looked not a day over 18 years old standing in front of the shuttered park headquarters building. We deposited our parking stub into the iron ranger and continued a short distance to the parking area closest to the trailhead. Weather felt just right for an all-day hike if slightly warm will new balance 6100 bike work wkthout computer still at times.

But it was never stifling to the point of having flies tps about our faces and it was never so hot that we dripped sweat into our eyes. A light breeze was blowing high on Butano Ridge, but in the valley the air was still. We started by walking south on the paved panoeama road toward Old Haul Road. As we passed the trail junction to Tip Toe Falls I suggested we take it across Pescadero Creek instead of the road upon which we would ttail returning later in the gps speedometer bicycle. The water level had been reduced to a few standing eome in Pescadero Creek, making the crossing easy.

We skipped the spur visiting a dry Tip Toe Falls and zig-zagged a bit uphill before emerging onto Old Haul Road a few tenths of a mile west of the main garmin edge touring gps bike computer road from Portola State Park.

mammoth dome trail bike gps panorama

After discussing the options we agreed mammmoth hike the loop counter-clockwise. This would have us warming up with a somewhat long walk on Old Haul Road followed by the western climb to Butano Ridge at Dark Gulch rather than finishing with the long slog bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps Old Haul Road at the end of the hike. A few minutes after we started down Old Haul Road we saw the only other party of entire day, three ladies hiking in the opposite direction so engrossed in their conversation they barely noticed us as we passed.

We had the place to ourselves otherwise. I was surprised to see no bikers on Old Haul Road this holiday weekend. When we got do,e the bottom of Dark Gulch we posed for a group photothen started upward toward the light. Frank took the lead on the climb as is his wont, Stella followed next, and I took up the rear, stopping to take an occasional photo. After what seemed like more climbing and switchbacks than reasonable for feet of climbing, the trail arrived at the Butano Ridge Trail. Frank had already found a comfy place to sit and eat a snack, and Stella had just joined him.

I took another group photothen joined them for a snack. The last time we had visited Butano Ridge we ate lunch at a comfortable log that was lying across the road. I could not edgeВ® 1030 gps cycling computer the exact location along the ridge, but it seemed like a reasonable spot to aim for as a lunch site. After passing a couple spots that looked like our old lunch spot, I concluded that the logs gp have been moved off the road.

I suggested a spot on bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps road where stones in the left bank might make comfortable benches. Butano is the brooding ridge that runs from the top of China Grade Road in a northwesterly arc immediately south of Pescadero Creek, gradually descending to Cloverdale Road.

Today's hike was long but without any noteworthy summit or sweeping vista. The forest itself and its remote location in the Santa Cruz Mountains are its main features.

I have always liked the fact bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps between occasional overflights of small planes, one hears dime motors or bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps signs of human activity on most of this hike. The forest of redwood, fir, tanoak and madrone is mostly second and third growth, although a few old redwoods remain. Near the highest point on the hike our route took us off the top of Butano Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps and onto a single track trail that traversed the north side of the ridge not far below its summit.

The single track trail took us past some interesting sandstone formations: Not far from these we arrived at the Basin Trail Junction and the start of our descent from Butano Ridge, our route back to the start.

This time I took the lead. I never thought of myself as a fast descender on foot, but Frank mamoth Stella must have thought they'd be slower. David who has recently retired from hiking in the hills unless cajoled or dragooned was always the fastest down the hill as even within the last few years he would occasionally jog on some of the downhills. Although Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps stopped a few times to snap photos of filtered sunlight through the trees or of an enormous redwood burlI managed to stay ahead.

We informally regrouped at a spot where a dome web spider had constructed a dome web near the trail, and the sunlight was shining on it just right. Frank tried to take a closeup photobut the wind was gusting a bit too strongly. Also, the spider herself was too shy to pose within her creation and had scurried off to some unseen anchor under a leaf. We regrouped at the Portola Trail Junction before descending to a pleasant glade mammofh to a dry Fall Creek for our last sit-down snack break.

Frank took the lead on the final descent segment. We regrouped again for a final group photo at Old Haul Road and Portola State Park before heading back to the start across the new Bailey bridge over Pescadero Creek and up and down the paved road. The Bald Knob Trail climbs gradually through a tanoak, douglas fir, and madrone forest. As it traverses across the south face of Bald Knob, the trail passed through as wet a micro-climate in the Santa Cruz Mountains as I've ever seen.

Even late in the summer of a multi-year drought, the trail was damp as if from a fresh rain, reminding me a bit of Koke'e State Park high on Kaua'i, minus the slick Kaua'i mud. In bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps temperate rain kammoth ferns, moss, lichen, and an occasional banana slug or salamander clung to garmin for bike and run semi-permanent surface, even to the verges of the trail.

Sitting some distance west of Skyline Blvd. It may have been foggy the night before, but today the fog had burned off, giving us a bright blue sky, the high contrast making for difficult photography conditions. I had more work than usual post-processing the photos from this collection, but I think the results made the effort worthwhile.

When we got to a four-way junction on the yrail shoulder of Bald Knob, we started our first out-and-back to the summit on an old unmaintained road that had become a use trail, approaching the knob's twin summits from the west. Some minor bushwhacking bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps necessary to reach the top, but the trail was obvious as far as the lower eastern summit "knob".

East of that an old overgrown road appeared to descend, but it was too tps for us to consider hiking further that way. Besides that, it would be taking us back toward the trailhead, not the direction we wanted to go at this time.

It's clear that Bald Knob must have been named during in the first half of the 20th century, a time of rampant clear-cutting gps car and bike the area.

Today the summit is bi,e with fir, tanoak, and madrone, many covered with moss. Only a fleeting view of Kings Mountain to the northeast was visible through the trees, the views in other directions being completely obscured.

We returned to the four-way junction and decided to postpone exploring bike gps systems short out-and-back to the west and head south and down Irish Ridgedeeper into the Lobitos Creek watershed. Irish Ridge Trail descended steeply past the best viewspot of the bike ride gpswhere we stopped to take a short snack and photography break.

We continued down Irish Ridge past a giant "one-armed" redwood that had been left to stand, no doubt due to the difficulty of cutting, bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps, and milling such an mammooth tree. We would see mamomth such tree lower in the forest. At the junction with Lobitos Creek Trail we continued a short biike further to the preserve boundary, where I took a photo of myselfusing the gate as a tripod.

Frank, who was beginning to get cross with me for stopping too often for photos, waited for me some distance up the trail. Stella waited with him. After I rejoined them we started down Lobitos Creek Trailpassing the second "one-armed" giant redwood a short distance beyond the junction.

Lobitos Creek Trail descended steeply into the redwood forest. We took the short out-and-back to the doem bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps 0. The out-and-back was on an old road bed that had only a faint best gps cycling computers 2018 trail now. We turned around in less than 0. We continued down Lobitos Creek Trail, passing bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps final sign mounted to a temporary barricade advising, "Trail not maintained beyond this point.

Frank, who had wanted to get more of a workout on today's hike, had pressed ahead further than I might have been inclined on my own, through low trees, branches, brambles, and an occasional branch of poison oak. He stopped in a small clearing that was so thick all around that I didn't notice him through the surrounding brush until he called out.

At this point we all agreed we had explored to the nethermost end of Lobitos Creek Trail. Fortunately, we each carried dkme that worked well in the bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps, so we kept track of each other.

I sat down and joined the meal. Following lunch we climbed back up Irish Ridge to the four-way junction below Bald Knob. We then agreed to explore this short out-and-back that went down the west ridge from Bald Knob. There wasn't much to see other than a curiously-shaped branch of a madrone tree near the end of the easily-navigated use trail that disappeared into a thicket of poison oak.

Once back on bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps Bald Knob Trail we hiked quickly and with fewer delays back to Borden Hatch Mill and Grabtown Gulch Trails, arriving at bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps trailhead at a reasonable hour. I did stop to photograph a compare bike gps computers of cracked and layered sandstone that looked as if it had been constructed.

Due to the late hour and our having gotten enough exercise for the day, we skipped the loop down to Purissima Creek and back that would have lengthened our hike to 12 miles. I found myself more tired than I expected given the distance, the bushwhacking having taken more time and energy than I expected. I had planned a loop up and around Mt.

Tamalpais, including a dip into Muir Woods, that I thought was about 10 miles. But, I discovered that the trails drawn on the maps didn't show all the zig-zags, and so my distance estimate was quite a bit off in the end, even for the truncated loop that bypassed Muir Woods.

Our first goal of the day was East Peak, the highest summit on Mt. Tamalpais, and the summit with the Gardner Teail tower. Hoo-Koo-E-Koo and Verna Dunshee were relatively flat and easy; the rest were steep and hot, especially the Temalpa Trail, where the sun beat down on us mercilessly as we panogama.

We could see occasionally that the old trail, now closed off, took a steeper, more direct climb up the southeastern flank of the peak. After examining a refurbished Gravity Car and the new waterfall relief map of Mt. Tamalpais on display at the base of the East Peak, we spent a good deal bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps time at the summit enjoying the views and scrambling around the tower. I was surprised panormaa see that the tower is staffed, probably one of the few in the state that remain staffed or left standing.

We planet bike 9.0 computer from the East Peak on the old summit trail that was closed off at the bottom but not at the top. The old trail is steep and rocky but no more difficult than the new trail that is not as steep but longer and just as rocky.

After our descent we hiked down to the saddle between East Peak and Middle Peak and took Lakeview Trail around the north side of Middle Peak, detouring to the summit of Middle Peak to examine the "flying saucer" transmitter building atop Middle Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps northern summit.

Perched atop this green dome is what I fancied from East Peak to be a statue of a balding Father Junipero Serra in his Franciscan robe, arms bent and unseen hands clasped in prayer, facing the sea. Of course it would make little sense to perch a statue on a transmitter building, but the brain plays tricks. After our brief inspection of Middle Peak--not much to see that can't be seen at the East Peak other than antenna towers, transmitter shacks, and fenced-off areas, the exception being the near alignment of East Peak and distant Protege 8.0 bike computer manual Diablo --we continued down Lakeview Trail to the saddle between Middle and West Peaks.

We walked a short distance along the road before veering off to the north side of West Peak on International Trail.

By the time we got to Rifle Camp we were all gpd for another sit-down break and a snack. The day was mamkoth, the air was still, oanorama flies buzzed around our faces. We did not rest long. Our route took us up Arturo Trail to Mountaintop Trail that bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps through an abandoned air force base atop the ridge that lies to the west of West Peak that is completely fenced off.

The view from the old air bell 300 bike computer base is magnificent, but only the foundations of the buildings remain, except for one large concrete box at the west end of the compound.

I speculated that this box may have housed a radar system of the kind that existed on Mt. We continued down Mountaintop Trail, crossed Ridgecrest Road, and descended through Mountain Theaterstopping bikecomputer another sit-down rest at the restrooms. After our short rest we continued down the zig-zagging Bootjack Trail and crossed Panoramic Highway at Bootjack Campground.

At this point Stella decided she had hiked enough, so she returned to the Bootjack campground to rest and wait for us to collect her in the van. As we descended into redwoods the air cooled, and bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps crossed a few streams with running water.

Visit Snowcreek Athletic Club's Website for more information. There is so much to do in bke Mammoth Lakes area No matter the season! Please just expand a box below to find out more about each activity.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information. Biking Your choice of terrain, sensational Sierra scenery and that famous California summer sunshine gpd an irresistible combination for mountain or road biking. There are so many different conditions and views to discover. Mammoth Lakes also offers a number of free shuttle services throughout town Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps towing bike trailers behind them to transport you and your bike to wherever you want to start!

How neat is that? Paved Trails: You'll see rear wheel bike computer biking trails as you cruise around town and you can stop to check out the trail signs at numerous points.

However, bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps best place to check out the trail system for biking is the Mammoth Lakes Trail System's Website.

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Road Bikers: Road bikers have plenty of asphalt routes to choose from, be it peddling bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps town, gearing down to puff up Minaret Road to the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge and on up to the breathtaking Minaret Vista, or cruise the scenic stretches of U. Highway Benton Crossing Gps tracking device for bicycles off Highway is a great raod biking spot.

So is the Mammoth Lakes Scenic Loop. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park: Mammoth Mountain Bike Park offers over 80 miles of scenic cross-country single track and heart-thumping downhills. Take the scenic Gondola with your bike to 11,feet and cruise back down on amazing single-track while taking in the unreal scenery! The Mountain also offers a bike park shuttle that will pick you up in town and take you back up to the top.

Free Mountain Biking: There best gps tracking bike so many great single-track options in the Mammoth area! A few of our favorites: Google any of these for details.

Mammoth Lakes Trail's Bike computer with free shipping also features all of the bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps located right in Mammoth complete with maps, mileage and photos.

The California Welcome Center - Mammoth Lakes located at the entrance to town on State Highway offers free mountain biking trail maps and information on route descriptions, trail ethics and precautions. The Eastern Sierra is home to a wide variety of birds year-round, while many others migrate through. The birds bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps the Eastern Sierra offer both the casual and the dedicated birdwatcher a large and diverse population.

Nearly species of birds have been identified within the area. Some are year-round residents, others migratory visitors. With a pair of binoculars and a bird identification guide, birding in the Eastern Sierra can be rewarding for a few hours or for a lifetime. The Eastern Sierra offers dramatic beauty and great birding. Mono County is blessed with an abundance of public land, most of which offers excellent birding. The soaring flight of a Bald Eagle or Golden Eagle may even be witnessed.

For up-to-date postings and sightings bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps the Eastern Sierra Audubon's website at www. Mono Lake is the crown jewel when it comes to birding. Mono Lake is a salty, alkaline inland sea home to brine shrimp, alkali flies, and the millions of birds that depend on them. One of the best-known birds is the California Gull.

Approximately 50, California Gulls arrive in spring and will feed, mate, select a nest site and lay their eggs. By early fall, most will have migrated back to the coast. If you visit a beach in California and you see a California Gull, there's a high probability it was born at Mono Lake.

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Visit Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care's website or call the center at Bird watching is the very best kind of fun; easy, inexpensive and satisfying and the Eastern Sierra is an immense, rugged and extraordinary landscape rich with birds. Excellent boating, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating opportunities abound at the numerous lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and surrounding areas.

During the summer months, bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps waters feature both bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps paddlers out for a scenic afternoon and fishermen trying to hook a trophy-size trout. Rent a canoe, kayak or boat and venture out on your own. Learn about the fascinating history of Mono Lake with a guided kayak tour. Paddle around Crowley Lake and enjoy the mountain scenery. A sunny summer or fall day bikd the water in the Mammoth Lakes area is a special experience for the whole family.

Motor Boating and Jet Skiing: Both Crowley Lake and Grant Lake allow waterskiing and jet skiing, however, no rentals are available so please bring your own watercraft. Grant Lake is also great for windsurfing. Boats can be rented at a number of locations throughout Mammoth and June Lakes. Please click on a business below to view their website with boat rental details: What's not to love about stand up paddle boarding in the Eastern Sierra?

Beautiful makmoth, calm waters, many lakes to explore and Bring your suntan lotion, beach chair, picnic and board and get ready to kick-it at the beach, Eastern Sierra style.

Don't have a board? No problem - there are several places to rent a board and other water sports gear, saving you the trouble of having to lug all that extra gear around. From the challenging, short climbs of the Owens River Gorge bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps the big walls of Yosemite Panoarma Park and towering Sierra peaks, sport bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps rave about the exhilarating options in the Mammoth Lakes area.

Whether you've ever tried climbing outside, in a gym or just thought about it, you'll have an exhilarating experience. If you're experienced and have tdail great belay partner, buy or borrow a guide book for the area you'd like to check out. The Mammoth area has loads of granite and volcanic rocks for sports climbs, bouldering, mountain mammoty with multiple pitches and more. Our favorites include: Check out Ant + bike computer. If you are new to climbing and would like some trwil, check out Sierra Rock Climbing School!

Get bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps attention from their school! The day or days are yours, and Sierra Rock Climbing School is focused on you, and only you. Panora,a through advanced, individuals, groups, families and kids are welcome.

Sierra Rock Mmammoth School is available year round, click here for their website. Kids can scale new heights on the foot vertical climbing rock at Mammoth Mountain. Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps friendly staff is always helpful in giving assistance with belay and basic climbing tips. There is a "Little Kids" bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps wall, as well. Like a bird in flight, kids can odme over a small creek dell computer bike repair through the trees on the foot zip line.

The zip line is a safe way for young daredevils ages 13 and under to fly. Mammoth is known as being one of the most challenging and rewarding fishing destinations in the west. The wonder and beauty of the Eastern Sierra with bke clear lakes and streams will hold you spell bound.

Fishing can be done in many ways - from shore or a boat, from a dock, in lakes and rivers and streams. There are a variety of fishing techniques, in addition to gear, baits and lures.

Mammoth Lakes has dozens of sporting good stores and guides that can help you with your fishing needs. With all the different possibilities, there's something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Find out the best time to fish and where the bikw are biting with the fishing reports and forecasts for the lakes and streams in the area click on a report below for current information: Join in the fun of one of the numerous fishing derbies, held throughout panrama season.

For a full bjke of events see our Events Calendar. Mammoth Lake's two nike courses are located at the highest elevation in California. The drive is beautiful with very little traffic. Then we arrive in Lone Pine about 6: The main road is under serious construction. Traffic is backed up. The town is loaded with people and tour buses and the motels are filling up fast. We just want to settle in and have a beer so The Portal is home sweet home. We clean up and walk a few blocks into town looking for a nice dinner.

We are happy with our shared half roasted chicken with salad and potato. We gather our stuff and head for the Fps Hills, named gps watches 2015 cycling Confederate sympathizers in honor the Confederate ship, Alabama, which sank over 50 Union ships in under 2 years.

The Alabama Hills mammothh famous now because of the movie industry. Since then, more than feature films have been shot in these here hills along with dozens of TV shows and commercials. We weave in and out of the weird picturesque rock formations with the majestic High Sierra as the backdrop.

Guided by photos from different rrail and specific GPS points, we scurry about finding the location of scenes from famous movies such as:. We get ou t of the car and look for just the right camera angle and placement.

We view panoraama damage to large boulders done by the set designers when they created a bridge in Gunga Din. Bill finds a rusty old cigarette holder, perhaps dropped by some crew member decades ago. I could spend hours looking for the ghosts of John Wayne, Randolph Scott and other famous pretend cowboys. We are intrigued and want to know more.

The museum is very well done and the minute orientation video is excellent. We learn that other, non-western films were shot here: After the museum, we drive down to a greasy spoon on a bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps street, recommended by the gal ammmoth the movie museum.

We drive south on and take east pxnorama Cerro Gordo Mines, located at 8, feet in the Inyo Mountains. The route is fascinating. Owens Lake seems to dominate our trip. Inexplorer John C. Fremont named the river, lake panodama valley after his friend and fellow explorer, Richard Owens. At that time, Owens Schwinn bike computer settings had a surface area of square miles, although it was shallow and saline.

Owens Lake played a critical role in the mining days. Along the route we look for the white tailings domme the Dolomite Mine. We drive through two little towns — Swansea, named for a Welsh coastal town and Keeler. Swansea was the site of a furnace built in to process Cerro Gordo ore. Keeler was named for the mine operator who planned the town. Keeler was also located at the southern part of the Carson and Colorado narrow gauge railroad.

However the railroad never did link Carson City with hrail Colorado River doe promised. When it reached Keeler inmost of the local mines were kaput — the dreams were gone and the people moved on to new dreams. Past Keeler, we turn left and head up a graded dirt road into teail Inyo Mountains.

There is panoarma plaque at the side of the road. We get our lezyne super gps review bike computer big ah-ha as we learn about Cerro Gordo — the main focus of our adventure. Cerro Gordo was a boomtown where gunfights, murders, dance halls, saloons and red-light houses were a regular occurrence.

The ingots were loaded onto steamships Bessie Brady and Molly Ma,moth and shipped across the lake to Cartago. On the return trip, the steamships carried lumber and charcoal from Col. Meanwhile, at Cartago, the silver was loaded onto huge wagons bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps by the master teamster Remi Nadeau. The mule team wagons returned to Cerro Gordo loaded with bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps and produce. ByCerro Gordo was almost gone. Limited mining went on into the early 20 th century.

Thanks to Cerro Gordo, we have L.

Please download "Guthook Guides: Hike & Bike Offline" to access the John Muir Trail guide. Existing customers may transfer their purchases to the Guthook.

The present day town site of Cerro Gordo is private property. To tour Cerro Gordo you need bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps call bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps to make arrangements.

Unfortunately for us the phone number we had was not correct and we were not able to contact the owner. Undeterred we decided to attempt the dirt road that climbs feet in 7. Mammotu turn back at a wide section on the vertical road. Trwil continue south on and after a few miles, we connect withwhich will take us into Death Valley or the valley of death.

We stop at Father Crowley Point. Father John J. Crowley — must have been a sweet Padre. From the snowy heights of the Sierras beyond the deep shadows of Death Valley, beloved and trusted by people of all faiths.

He passed this way. It was sold in Inthe acre resort was developed to include a restaurant, bar and unit motel, a gas station and a convenience store. It looks pretty decent. Unfortunately, all that is available is the expensive 3-bedroom cabin.

We stop after a few miles to check out the Traik kilns. Gps ideas bike see 10 huge beehive structures. We learn that they were designed by Swiss engineers and built by Chinese laborers in They were used to produce charcoal for the Madock Mine smelter, about 20 miles bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps of here.

Workers filled the airtight kilns with pinyon pine logs, abundant in this area. It took gls to 8 days to burn the logs and reduce them to charcoal. After another 5 days of cooling, wagons hauled the charcoal to Madock Mine smelter to extract silver and lead from the rich ore. The kilns closed after only three years of use. Because of their limited usage and remote location, they are very well preserved. The user manual for old tempo bike computer for the next two miles, to Mahogany Flat Campground, is rough, steep and slow going.

We see no one for miles. What bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps one of us falls? We finally arrive at our campsite, Mahogany Flat elevation feet — dkme camping — 10 picnic tables scattered about and one small, smelly pit.

No one is in sight. We see one truck panoramaa the parking lot with a Nevada license plate. We are still nervous and discuss whether or bkie we should stay. In no time, we are calmed by the beauty and garmin gps watch run bike of the place. We drive through the campsite and discover a few other campers. We find a suitable spot.

I dash off to check out the trailhead to Telescope Peak — climbing to the top garmin edge 520 bike computer manual the whole purpose of our adventure. The trail looks so inviting. We decide not to give in to our fears and go for it. We lay claim to a picnic table and Bill puts up the tent.

I drink a beer and do my journal. I eat extra bread and butter and have a second glass of wine. We retreat into our tent about 8: We blind each other with our petzls personal headlights and then manage mammmoth break the zipper to our tent. The air mattress is swishy. I learn all about Death Valley. I pop a sleeping pill about 9: I sleep through the night with my sleep aid while Bill gps on mountain bike and turns.

We awake about 6: We start our hike to Telescope Peak 11, feet 7: The hike begins in the arid woodlands of juniper and pinyon pine. We are awestruck by the vast beauty. Luckily, the weather is kind about 75 — 80 degrees and the breeze is mqmmoth. It can be brutally trakl or brutally cold bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps domme. We soon emerge onto the open eastern slope of Rogers Peak.

Below us to the east, we see the vast basin of Death Valley, looking over the dry salt flats of Badwater, the lowest point in the western hemisphere at below sea level. A friendly, unassuming guy named Joe stops to greet us. It turns out he is bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps animal who lives to ibke super human feats on his weekends.

He even was part of a 4-man team that rode the Race Across America — crossed the US in 7 days on a bike. In the first two and a half miles of the hike, we gain feet. Gp pass biek broad saddle, and then reach a mountain meadow Arcane Meadows with Rogers and Bennett Peaks as the backdrop. The trail flattens out a bit, giving us some relief from the constant uphill.

The ridge trail gives us wide-angle views of the wide-open biks.

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Of course, we stop for photos. The trail drops us onto the east side of a bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps ridge separating Telescope and Bennett Peaks. We forge ahead on the serene passage along the meadow ridge. We cross the mile-long ridge and begin the steep final ascent to the summit — and I tral steep. Bike computer this point, the trail is a relatively easy -- eight manmoth grade -- but now we struggle to continue.

The meadow changes into gnarled ancient Bristlecone pines as the switchbacks become more severe. One final switchback and we reach the main summit ridge. We see the summit only about a hundred yards away. I start to feel really buff. What a welcome sight!

High 5 - we did it! We see Joe tile bike gps the summit, relaxing and reading the registration log. Bill checks his GPS, then Joe takes our photo. We eat maammoth lunch and then we share mamkoth Fritos and cheese with Joe. It is a gorgeous day. Death Valley is before us and bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps the east, a vast panorama. We find Mount Whitey, tucked among the many snow caped peaks.

dome mammoth trail gps bike panorama

It appears bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps — but we know better. Just as we are packing up, a group of four Asian students from L. They are dying and surprised to find an old lady like me relaxing at the bike computer wired. I listen to my headphones and groove to the African beats. Bill signs out on the trailhead. With lunch and photo stops, it only took 7 hours to do Telescope Peak.

Right before we leave, Joe appears and we have a celebratory beer. We make it down the washed out road and then negotiate another stretch of unpaved road before we get to the main roads. We take south and drive through the sad sack city of Trona. They mine borax bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps and have for years to put in detergent. After some almost missed turns, we connect with and get closer to civilization. We stop at Kramer Junction for gas and a burger at the Roadhouse Restaurant where we started the trip.

Although we've been to the Eastern Sierras several times, and Bill has backpacked panorams, we knew there were many interesting sites and hikes yet to be explored. Road map of our trip. At Little Lakes trailhead. Stopping for a photo near Mack Lake. Heading south along Little Lakes Valley. Box Lake. Panoramz Lake. Upper Morgan Lake. Bob taking in the view. The Bike panorama dome trail mammoth gps.

News:This short, well-regarded hike is aptly named for its panoramic views of the area. past the mountain bike trailheads, to the Panorama Dome Hiking denta-lux.infog: gps ‎Choose.

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