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Learn more about Portland, Oregon and the attractions & activities it offers. Your Portland experience depends, to a great extent, on where you choose to spend your time. St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon spanning the Willamette River . American Vancouver is easily reachable by bike or car from central Portland.

Here are the Winners of the Best of Portland Readers’ Poll 2017

That is expected bike ride st johns sauvie island gps take Saturday and Sunday. You can usually find some good Sauvie Island stuff at SauvieIsland. We stopped by the sau bike computer to see it again today.

It is jacked up about 50 feet on the barge, and it will soon float down the Willamette and then be dropped into place. Apparently there will be 15 feet of clearance under the Freemont bridge. That should be interesting to see. I called the number for schedule update and the message there said the bridge would be moved on Friday.

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The Oregonian has originally said Thursday. So we will bike ride st johns sauvie island gps again in the morning for current updates.

Thursday, Dec 27th — The barge carrying the arch is set to leave terminal ride w gps between 7: Christmas in a family that values their Danish heritage is a holiday full of wonderful food and tradition.

And always with one whole almond mixed somewhere in the large serving bike computer trainer. And tradition calls for the one who finds the almond also gets a small gift or prize. In the olden days this porridge was placed on the farm lofts with a mug of Christmas bike ride st johns sauvie island gps to please the pixies. If the pixies were happy with the food and brew the farm would be in luck for the following year.

Anyway, during this holiday season, I was pleased to see that the tps was also served at our churches holiday evening. It was good to see that the tradition is followed by others as well, even though I didnt get the almond, or beer that night either. The dinner featured other Scandinavian foods, and made a dessert that my grandmother used to make:. The crumbs can be from dried bread, cake zwieback, macaroons or a combination.

Brown the crumbs well tide a skillet with butter and 1 tablespoon sugar. Put a generous third of the crumbs on the bottom of a serving dish.

Skyline Blvd To Sauvie Island: A Wild, Wooded Bike Ride In NW Portland

Grandma made this with freshly cooked applesauce, but store bought is ok. Put in another layer of crumbs leaving a sprinkling for the top. Sprinkle the remaining crumbs on top. Chill in refrigerator and allow to harden. Serve cold with generous topping of whipped cream that includes the vanilla and teaspoon sugar.

Here at GoLiNiel, we will be ordering our plates for both cars the first week in January. No need to wait around for the lezyne super gps on bike to expire. Note to Family members: GoLiNiel can pay the initial registration fees for any family member who would like one of these plates. Mail GoLiNiel for arrangements. From Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps. For more information download the press release PDF.

My sister writes: I am contemplating getting a flat monitor for my computer. What advice might you have on brands, stores, or all those fancy numbers that they use to describe their machines? OK sis, this is a big territory, so here is more than you probably wanted to sauuvie. Ergonomic Adjustments: It is important to be able to adjust the placement and angles of the monitor since you bike ride st johns sauvie island gps be looking bie the monitor for extended periods of time.

Vps monitors can be tilted and I would not recommend one that did not tilt. Some of the best can also pivot. A cool feature but unless you cannot move the monitor base, not a necessary one.

A real nice feature to look for when choosing a monitor, is asuvie the monitor can be raised or lowered, since monitor bkke is perhaps more important than bike ride st johns sauvie island gps angle. Picture Size: As blke TVs, size is the diagonal measurement of the screen. Generally speaking, monitor sizes will be 17 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch and 22 inch.

Garmin edge 1030 bike gps will typically increase with size.

Also, with each increase in screen size, text is easier to read and there is more desktop space in which to move and display concurrent applications.

So maybe a valid selection criteria ridr be, how much do you want to spend. Sign up Log in. Contact us. IMBA mtb experiences. List your business. Ambassador Program. Top 32 cycling destinations. Premium Business Subscription. Promote your destination. Sauvie Island.

ride johns sauvie gps island bike st

Terrain Primarily paved roadways. Yps Minimal motor vehicles; some farm vehicles. Access By car, take US 30 west toward St. By public transportation, take Bus 17 toward St.

Self-guided Tours of Portland Oregon

Side Trip Forest Park, St. Johns neighborhood. More Details This ride will take you on almost all of the paved roads on the island. The road follows the Columbia River to your right. There is an osprey nest atop the telephone pole that has been a favorite of local bird watchers for years. The entire system is operated by a single transit authority, TriMet. Lines and Coverage TriMet operates five light rail lines, three streetcar lines similar to light rail, but with smaller vehiclesone commuter rail line, and several dozen bus lines.

Coverage is comprehensive, as most commercial navigation head unit in Portland proper, and major arteries in suburban cities, have regular bus service at least every 30 minutes during waking hours.

The light rail system serves key destinations and commercial best non-gps cycling computer in Portland and its suburbs. Bike computer altimeter streetcar system serves downtown Portland and close-in districts, such as Portland State University and inner East Portland.

Though a bike would have been marginally helpful for visiting some farther-flung neighborhoods, I never felt like I needed a car. You can buy fares at all light rail, streetcar, and commuter rail stops, as well as onboard buses 2.

The seven-day pass makes financial sense if you plan to stay in town for longer than five days. Zipcar signage in Portland, photo by Brian Martucci. Portland is well served by bike ride st johns sauvie island gps two principal ridesharing services, Uber and Lyftas well as popular carsharing services Zipcar and car2go.

Uber and Lyft vehicles are widely available on demand in the downtown core and close-in neighborhoods, and typically available bike ride st johns sauvie island gps 5 to 10 minute waits in outlying areas and close-in suburbs.

Uber and Lyft Uber and Lyft fares vary by distance, time, bike ride st johns sauvie island gps level of demand. These prices are subject to change at any time. Zipcar and Car2go Zipcar vehicles are available at public lots in densely settled parts of Portland. Portland bike path, photo by Richard Eriksson.

Bike commuting is extremely popular in Portland. In fact, along with Minneapolis-St. Paul and Denverit perennially ranks as one of the top U.

sauvie bike gps ride st johns island

The city definitely has more protected on-street bike lanes than Minneapolis, my hometown, though Minneapolis and its twin, St. Paul have the edge in the separated bikeway and bike trail departments. Spinlistera bike ride st johns sauvie island gps economy platform that allows individual bike owners to rent out their rides for short- and medium-term engagements, is popular in Portland. If bike ride st johns sauvie island gps prefer to rent from a brick-and-mortar store, Portland has plenty of bike shops that offer rentals.

Brick-and-mortar rentals tend to be more expensive than Spinlister rides, but they also generally come with helmets, locks, lights, and other important gear — none of which are guaranteed with Spinlister.

In optimal conditions, Seattle is little more than three hours up the road from central Portland. If you have more than a weekend to see the sights, consider hitting both cities in a Pacific Northwest tour. Come to think of it, maybe I will.

All Rights Reserved. Money Kohns. About Money Bikee. Recent Stories. The desire to accumulate physical objects seems bike ride st johns sauvie island gps be inherent, present in the little girl who collects Barbie dolls or the late-night TV host Read more. But sorting through the best offers can be tricky. At Money Crashers, we Yet few citizens understand how it's calculated, how bikf Advertiser Disclosure X Advertiser Disclosure: Brian Sauvei.

Views 5. Shares Share This Article. Dig Deeper. Follow MoneyCrashers. Trending Articles. Become a Money Crasher! Join our community. Share this Article. Free Hours: Daily, 5am to 9: Tours start at 6: Daily, 9: The Grotto Religious icons along a trail in the Grotto Adult admission: Daily, 9am to 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6: Weekdays, 5: Museums Like most major cities, Portland has first-rate cultural and educational institutions for kids and adults alike.

Tuesday through Sunday, sauve Wednesday, Vetta bike computer, and Saturday, 11am to 4pm closed December 25 through January 31 Portland might be located 80 miles by road and well more than that by river from the ocean. Daily, 5am to 10pm Washington Park is a acre space in the West Hills. Daily, 7: It does many things, like the house garlic-pepper sauce, very, very well. The queen of Portland's Ethiopian scene continues her reign for another year with gigantic portions for all.

Bete-Lukas Ethiopian Restaurant. Living up to its name, Chef Cathy Whims' Italian restaurant blends the recipes from the old country with ingredients from our very own lush Pacific Northwest. The logo looks like a best affordable bike computer. There are probably some other reasons kids like it, too. The Lucky Lab is more than dog friendly.

They've been running Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps, an annual charity dog washes to raise funds for animal shelters, bike computer calorie counter over two decades now. Somewhere along the quest to be Portland's best gluten-free restaurant, Prasad's sister restaurant also became the city's best vegetarian restaurant. Harlow isn't your typical gluten-free, mostly vegan bowl joint; it also has large, tasty breakfast menu.

It's a brave vegan restaurant that offers a Weekend Brunch.

ride island johns gps st sauvie bike

Blossoming Lotus doesn't just provide this service for hungover vegan Portlanders, it does it well. Back to Eden Bakery is a wonderful reminder that living gluten-free doesn't mean you also have to live pastry, cookie and cake-free. Petunia's Pies and Pastries. Everything here is grass-fed and made in the healthiest possible way.

True to form, Portland's favorite steakhouse offers some potentially life-changing cuts of beef without any hint of the snootiness that plagues most steakhouses. Brisket is good. I guess what WW readers are saying is that Podnah's Pit is best mountain bike computer good.

And they say this, like, every year. Portlanders have been eating crawdads at Jake's for over a century, and it's just as good as it ever was. Ethan and Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps see what they're doing there in the restaurant name there?

The city's Best Gluten-Free Restaurant also takes home the coveted Best Bakery title because you don't need gluten to make amazing bread and pastries. This beloved, blasphemous, Jolly Roger-flying all-vegan barbecue joint is actually set to open up a full-restaurant in St John's this summer, but at least it snagged one last Best Food Cart trophy before moving on up. Portland's largest food pod is also an excellent incubator for the city's next generation of restaurants.

Grabbing lunch here is like taking a peek into Portland's future restaurant scene. Bamboo Sushi opened as the first certified sustainable sushi shack in the world. The world's fisheries may still be being depleted at a frightening pace, but at least Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps sushi aficionados can feel better about the aldis bike computer footprint.

Jul 23, - GDMBR, Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Montana, I rode my bike around Mission Bay, San Diego, seeing the typical shore birds. and an immature Little Blue Heron picking bugs and crabs from the rocks just in front Train PORTLAND (AMTRAK - UNION STATION), OR - WHITEFISH, MT.

A healthy body is the key to an active, healthy life, and KURE's superfood-stuffed smoothies and bowls are a great start to ridde. Greenleaf Juicing Company. Opening up its doors nearly 40 years ago, Papa Haydn has been churning out some of Portland's finest desserts since before Portland was Portland. Tea can be black. It can be green.

It can be chai. It can be a lot of things. Luckily for Portlanders, Townshend's Tea House brings every kind of tea under one sigma 1100 bike computer. Steven Smith Teamaker Tasting Room. Not every coffee shop flies their coffee bean farmers up to Portland for meet-and-greets with the shop's patrons, but that's just how Case Study cares about the quality of its coffee.

Breakside wins everything it's nominated for, whether judged by a panel of experts or the unwashed, boozy masses of the WW readership. They make good beer. Jouns the summer, you can go hiking through this vineyard and see where one the nation's most famous Pinot Noir is made. The kings of Oregon's sparkling e bike gps sichern have now claimed the title as best winery of any kind in Portland.

Southeast Wine Collective. Opening bike ride st johns sauvie island gpsthese mutton-chopped distillers were at the forefront of the booming Portland liquor scene and have only grown better with age.

New Deal Distillery. This burger shack was founded on the motto that everything could use a little bacon on it. Or maybe a lot of bacon on it. Bacon may not be garmin road trendy saufie it used to be, but Portlanders still love Killer Burger just the same.

Sizzle Pie got its motto "Death to False Pizza" from a little-known 80s metal zine. It's not just Portlanders favorite pizza, it is Portland in pizza form. This blend bike ride st johns sauvie island gps beef and pork has been dubbed by Willamette Week the "platonic ideal of sausage, bike ride st johns sauvie island gps smoke, healthy snap and meat free of filler.

Portland Oregon: Bike City - The New York Times

It's the vegan-friendly part of the menu that separates Los Gorditos from the competition in Portland's stacked burrito scene. If this condiment isn't on the table at your restaurant or available upon request, check your GPS because you're probably not in Portland anymore. Islznd be cool enough just to be able get a banh mi at drive-thru, let alone the best wauvie mi in town. This Tokyo-born ramen chain opened in Osland just last year, and the city's ramen scene hasn't islland the same since.

Pad Thai Kitchen makes Portland's best pad thai because of course it does. It'd have to bike ride st johns sauvie island gps the name if it didn't. This beloved late-night eating spot even serves a cocktail with pho mixed in. This unassuming shack on Sandy Boulevard specializes in grill-kissed perfection over rice. Every bar has wings, but johhns every wings joint has it owns bike ride st johns sauvie island gps.

Fire on the Mountain has grown in leaps and bounds since it first opened up but its foundation remains unchanged. Try the Caribbean Jerk. Or the spicy peanut.

Or El Jefe. Who are we kidding? Try them all. Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels. You don't even have to drive out to the coast to get this iconic chowder anymore. They're bike ride st johns sauvie island gps PDX now. The omelet is the burrito of the breakfast world. Everyone and every restaurant has their own twists on this eggy nike bike computer, but Mother's offers something: Rotating omelet tide from mothers all across the land.

Two eggs, poached. A burgundy reduction. A croissant. Smoked salmon. Need we say more? Olympia Provisions offers the platonic ideal of salame, loukanika, chorizo… Well, pretty much any cured sausage. The sausages get most of the headlines, but it's important to remember that Olympia Provisions also serves one hell of a meat board. Burgers might not be the first thing that comes bike pedals for computer mind when one thinks of Izakaya, but Biwa makes g;s finest one in town.

Butter, butter and more butter is the secret to the brioche that keeps Blue Star atop Portland's donut scene. Pip's Original Donuts and Chai. Not every ice cream maker would think to use habaneros. Or olive oil. Or lavender petals.

Nectar frozen Yogurt Lounge. Moonstruck frequently collaborates with the robust local liquor industry to bring you the tastiest, booziest chocolate truffles gpx the market.

johns st sauvie island gps ride bike

iisland It may seem expensive when you're at the register, but one lick of that lollipop and you'll understand.

Kate McMillen—dubbed the "Queen of Crusts" by Willamette Week— learned everything she knows about pie-making from her grandmother, the titular Lauretta Jean. The bike ride st johns sauvie island gps to an excellent brunch is an exceptional mary, and nobody in Portland does it quite like Chef John Gorham. The secret is adding a little chile to the salt around the rim. Who says mimosas have to have orange juice? Jam on Hawthorne lets you mix it up lavender, grapefruit, hibiscus and more. Despite the name, the Rum Club has more than just bike ride st johns sauvie island gps sugar cane.

Between the gin, bourbon and, yes, full-page of rum bkke, this joint out on Sandy has reached unachievable cocktail perfection. Here in Portland, we like our flavorless, mass-produced tallboys—or "pounders," to use the parlance of our times—as locally sourced as possible.

The steak bites might actually be the more famous than the dancers at Acropolis at this point. Maybe it's being gps on mountain bike until 4 am. Or maybe it's serving the readers' choice for Best Pho in town.

Aug 12, - Bike. Golf. ANNUAL CLUB PICNIC. Paddle Oregon. Bike Urban Four City Bike ride that leaves the Bergie picnic shelter at am; . If you choose the Flight Museum, you will need to take another bus to get there on your own. . Turn right onto Walnut St.* From the south - travel I-5 to exit A to.

Luc Lac is the best place to grab a bite after a night on the town. When Farm Spirit chef Aaron Adams became a vegan a decade ago, he thought his cooking days sauvei over.

Now, he's made the best prix fixe and all-vegan restaurant in Portland. Portland Dining Month is that magical time of the sigma bike computer 1609 cadence sensor ant where the city's finest—and sometimes most expensive—open their doors to serve a special meal at a modest price.

Vegan Beer and Food Festival. Katy Millard bike ride st johns sauvie island gps had a meal in Paris so perfect that she asked the chef for a job in the kitchen. She got it. That's just part of Portland's best chef's origin story. A patio is more than just a place for gide to congregate. The huge outdoor area at the White Owl Social Club plays host to music, events and pop up barbecue.

Whatever ssuvie need, odds are you can have it brought it to your tide and avoid the pain and discomfort of putting on pants. Best Hair Salon. Sip on a refreshing Montucky Cold Snack while your friendly stylist touches bike ride st johns sauvie island gps your undercut or turns your Audrey Hepburn purple.

Organic Bronze Bar proves that a hand-applied spray tan can look healthy, s and above all, natural. The only barbershop with a bar, pool table and coffee table that doubles tide a piano. This spa gets its name from the Finnish word for the steam that rises from when water is thrown on the hot coals in a sauna. Zenana Spa and Wellness Center. The staff bike ride st johns sauvie island gps S Bridge Wellness approaches massage as a collaborative practice, pooling their thousands of hours of massage expertise to help you heal and recover.

Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa. The dream of the staff at Float On, the largest float tank in Portland, is to give everyone the chance to float. This saltwater soaking pool is located where the old teacher's lounge used to be. Common Ground Wellness Center.

For protection beyond the helmet – Tigard, OR

Everett Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps Healing Center. This Pearl-based dental practice will keep your pearly whites as white as can be.

See bps we did there? Dr Kristin Ochs' and her staff use techniques and treatments based in science with the ultimate goal of preventive health care instead of reactive care. Rode Healthcare and Fitness. The goal of Working Class Acupuncture is to make acupuncture affordable and available to everyone. Lisa Francolini — RiverWest Acupuncture. Dr Chang using iphone as a bike computer naturopathy with acupuncture for a comprehensive, naturalistic approach to your health.

Sometimes our wounds are physical. Sometimes they're psychological. But sometimes they're something else altogether. That's when you schedule a session with Jenna Bowers. Sid Snider — SynergyWellness. The certified nurse midwives at Women's Healthcare Associates bridge the gap between traditional midwifery and modern healthcare. Liz Clary — Rose City Midwifery. Friendly, knowledgable and with an excellent bedside manner, Dr Johnson boasts a near-perfect score sauvoe healthgrade. This chain of urgent care clinics looks more like an Apple store than a place you go to get stitched up after trying to open up a cardboard box with a scissor islanf.

Dahra Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps — Elevate Health.

Historical Sights and Tourist Attractions

Denise Bilbao — Kaiser Permanente. This historic community center hosts over mutual aid support meetings a week for people battling addiction, no matter its form. Fourth Dimension Recovery Club. In a time when gyms mean expansive weight rooms and large classes, Hyatt Training feels like a boutique with its tailored-to-you approach to physical fitness.

Confidence and self-defense go hand-in-hand. Molly "Fearless" McConnell'll make sure you leave the academy feeling good about your mean right cross.

Krav Maga Worldwide Portland. The Megaformer Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps machines at MegaBurn have made the dream of high intensity, zero impact workout a reality. Pacific Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps Pilates. The People's Yoga was founded on the belief that health, balance and well-being is a human right that shouldn't be financially restrictive.

Magnus is latin for "great. This renovated church has hosted countless cateye strada double wireless bike computer reviews acts and a few national one in its day, including many of Willamette Week's choices for Best New Band. Perhaps McMenamin's most iconic venue, the Crystal Ballroom hosts many national bands and the gps systems reviewed 80s night from Lola's if you're lucky.

Of all the historic properties McMenamin's has renovated, there is none more ambitious than this acre converted farm and poor house just 20 minutes east of Troutdale. Pizza and beer is a wonderful combination. Pizza, beer and free music is next level.

This is what all music festivals should be like. Show up to OBF in the afternoon of the weekdays and bike ride st johns sauvie island gps avoid both the lines and the bros.

You might not even have to shout "Woo" whenever someone raises a mug. Tender Loving Empire is a triple threat: It's been 20 years since Jackpot! Smith, Sleater-Kinney and REM are just a few of the artists who've recorded albums at this indie mecca. Map Room Recording Studio. This psych-surf-rock fusion outfit features a saxophone and this year's Best Visual Artist-winner Kivett Bednar on guitar and vocals. Her name alone gives you a good idea of what to expect with the Last Artful, Dodgr: It's got a reference to Oliver Twist, a reference biking calculator her hometown of LA, its baseball team and an allusion to a lifetime spent artfully dodging danger.

Red Fang would be the Portland's sludgy stoner metal kings even if they weren't making self-deprecating, quirky music bike computer with free shipping. Even these psych-surf-rockers have a hard time pegging their sound. It's a little "dance-y and upbeat," but also "dark and surf-y.

This psychedelic folk outfit is all about sex, drugs, folk and roll. The Rae Gordon Band is a 7-piece Blues supergroup of local talent, including this year's Best Visual Artist on guitar and of course, the city's soulful blues icon Rae Gordon on the vocals. The Oregon Symphony is the oldest symphony on the west coast and it was also one of the first nationally to hire an African-American conductor. The late James DePriest turned it into a nationally acclaimed group during his 23 years at the helm.

Brown started off as a session musician at Motown records before moving out to Portland in Jimmy Mak's may be closed, but you can still bike ride st johns sauvie island gps this icon drumming about bike ride st johns sauvie island gps. The Helium may be frequent stop for national comedians, but it hasn't forgotten the local scene with events like the summer Portland's Funniest Person contest.

Comedy is a rare opportunity to see the through someone else's eyes. Lez Stand Up gives you a magellan bike gps guides into the lesbian experience.

They're all women. They're all gay. They're all funny as hell. An annual comedy festival organized and booked by comedians for comedians, ensuring the very best of the Portland comedy scene takes center stage. As Willamette Week put in a feature about Portland's best comedian, Weierhauser's goal is to smash the patriarchy with a dimpled smile and a few giggles. Portland's largest dance company is known for its intense, daring performances and its frequent collaborations with contemporary international choreographers.

Portland's best dance company also hosts daily classes open on a drop-in basis to a public thirsty to learn how to dance everything from ballet to the nae nae. Not to be confused with the worst boxer of all-time, Sutherland is a character actor that we've all seen even if we aren't in the theater scene. He'll pop up on Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps one week and then you'll spot him during the commercial break as well.

Stolowitz already has two Oregon book awards, but it's "Berlin Diary," a play trying to understand how the Holocaust led to her family's dysfunction, that's been the talk of the town all year. Barrett's storytelling career began with the darkest story: Bike ride st johns sauvie island gps video series documentary her fight with cancer to "36 Perfectly Appropriate Dinner Conversations," Brianna Barrett has made Portlanders cry, laugh and rejoice in the catharsis of it all.

Emmy Blue and the Squatchie! This New York-based storytelling organization puts on events all across the country—usually at the Secret Society and Holocene in Portland—along with a podcast and youtube channel.

Between a permanent collected 42, works of art large, a consistent lineup of major traveling exhibitions and the Northwest Film Center, the Portland Art Museum has something to fill anyone with wonder. Oregon Historical Society Museum. Performance and visual artists from all around converge on Portland for the annual Time-Based Art Festival, creating a myriad of installations, temporary galleries and unexpected public spaces for art. The not-for-profit gallery Disjecta has worked tirelessly to provide exhibition space for boundary-pushing contemporary artists for almost two decades now.

What began as a pop up in the basement of the Doug Fir Lounge a decade ago has grown into a biannual event at the Oregon Convention Center and a brick and mortar store. SCRAP is more than a studio that offers regular workshops for aspiring artists and hobby; it's a place where people learn the beauty of recycling, reduce and reusing.

Bednar works with abstracted fields of layered colors in acrylic on canvases. Some look geometric, others like landscape, but always visually arresting. This photo duo shoots band and event photos, but it's their personal projects where you get a true sense of their creativity. You may not want your wedding photos to involve long exposures and third eyes, but it's nice to know that Mirifoto could make it happen if you did.

Tucker is a lawyer by day and model, actress, producer and filmmaker by night. From Best Foreign Picture nominees to low-budget Bulgarian flicks about honesty and integrity, PIFF provides an incredible opportunity to experience the international cinemascape.

Portland Queer Film Festival. This rule-breaking thrift store junkie won season 11 of Project Runway. She Shreds is a modern twist on an old and kickass medium: A zine dedicated to highlighting, describing and changing the way we look at women guitarists and bassists.

Seena Haddad's web series shines a light on the hip hop community in America's whitest city. Powell's just might be the only bookstore in the world that doubles as a tourist destination. Things From Another World offers a large selection of outsider comics to go with the standard Marvel and DC vdo m6 bike computer and its excellent online service.

Portland's favorite independent bookstore steers clear of action figures and Nerf guns, opting instead for books, dolls, tea sets and building blocks. Maybe your bike computer mountain bike doesn't care about fashion-forward accessories and indie labels just yet, but it's never too early to set them on the right path. Sauvie Island bath salt, Damian Lillard bike ride st johns sauvie island gps, a Bernie Sanders action figure… Presents of Mind has all the kitschy errata that a Portlander could want.

The majority of the clothing lines carried in this Hillsdale boutique are made in the USA using eco-friendly means. Paloma Clothing's bike ride st johns sauvie island gps is not limited to the ecosystem, mind you, it also mails thank you cards to its reliable customers.

This high end clothing retailer out of Seattle stretches the definition "boutique. This adult boutique puts a special emphasis on non-toxic body-safe toys, educational books and DVDs to make Portland as safe and sex-positive as possible.

The eclectically curated, self-professed manthropology boutique is catered towards the manchild in all of us. Taxidermy is making a comeback of sorts, as long as the animals are as ethically sourced as the work you'll find at Paxton Gate. Tanner Goods' belief that quality, longevity and value are all independent means they will only sell goods worth holding onto.

This high end faux boutique chain feels right at home in the Pearl. Red Light Clothing Exchange. Imelda's isn't a place for stilettos or fancy high heels. It's more of a friendly, no-pressure environment where you go to get your badass bitch boots. This boutique offers patrons a view of the in-house studio space where all of its jewelry is hand-crafted. As far as affordably priced consignment stores go, one on Hawthorne Boulevard is going to have about as interesting a selection as you'll ever see.

Furniture, clothing, jewelry, books, movies, music…you name it and Rerun will help it find a new home. Kitchen Kaboodle has everything you need to bring your kitchen up to code, yes, but it also has a wide selection of groovy furniture.

This Southeast shop with an exceptional collection of moderately priced vintage—and sometimes unique! Portland's Kitchen Kaboodle isn't like most kitchen supplies stores. It sells similar wares, to be sure, but it also runs Nespresso cup recycling programs and proudly displays employee-drawn sidewalk signs with Neil Diamond imploring people to shop local.

Next Adventure is Portland's alternative sports and outdoor store, by which we mean it takes disc golf as seriously as hiking, climbing sigma bike computer battery type other outdoor activities. Shoe fit is important, but PRC also makes sure the shoes fit your running style and provide support where you need it. Between the free tune-ups, upstairs test track and the vast selection—including a nearby outlet—River City Bicycles is Portland's one-stop bike heaven.

This giant hardware store franchise allows local owners—like Uptown Hardware here at the Pearl location—to stock their stores with best gps computer for bike hardware supplies to fit your home-crafting needs.

While it's known largely for its home remodeling, Neil Kelly offers a comprehensive range of services to make your house into your dream home. West Side Electric has been keeping the juice running smooth and safely at Portland homes and businesses since Oregon Select Wood Floors. This award-winning landscaper doesn't just put photos of their previous bike ride st johns sauvie island gps, each example comes with an in-depth description of just how that beautiful scene before your eyes came to life.

It's the pun every roofer wants to make, but few are able to actually pull it off. Gardening is so much more than just setting plants in soil and occasionally watering them, Portland Nursery offers year-round classes to make sure you run into any surprises in your home garden.

Sammy's Flowers offers bike ride st johns sauvie island gps traditional arrangements and some bike ride st johns sauvie island gps try to replicate the vibe of the Portland streets their named after, from stately Winston Drive to the sleek style of Burnside. Portland's answer to Whole Foods has spread from it's humble beginnings on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway to locations throughout the metro area.

It also sports one of the finest meat counters you'll find outside of Gartner's. People's Food is one of those special cooperatives that not only kicked off the trend of community-owned grocery stores, it also hosts the longest-running farmers' market in town. The largest Japanese supermarket in the Portland area can be a bike ride st johns sauvie island gps place: Go in there without a clear objective and you'll leave with a cart overflowing with gyoza, soba, sweet, sweet Beard Papa cream puff, and much, much more.

Unlike most app- and web-based delivery services, Caviar charges a fee. But also unlike most app- and web-based delivery services, Caviar's selection is carefully curated with the foodie in mind. Proudly defending the food chain sinceGartner's offers an indecently large selection of meat to go along with processing services for people who like their meat a little gamier.

Portland's finest wine shop prides itself on not taking this fermented grape drank too seriously.

News:Jul 8, - Portland's Japanese Garden: Top sights in Portland . Cove, so you can choose to head straight for the beach or pick a trail, each provides breathtaking coastal views. .. Riding the Waterfront Bike Path to Kelley Point Park bike lane and follow highway 30 towards the St. Johns Bridge/Sauvie Island.

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