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May 10, - Hopefully, I'll be be able to help you decide within this review. .. That's because the Versa doesn't connect to any external sensors (not cycling sensors, not heart Now I'll discuss GPS accuracy and related down below briefly, so I'll dive into problem according to posts on the fitbit community forums.

Best GPS and smartwatches for cycling: how to choose the right one for you

Today had make test with Fitbit app settings, where cyclibg forced distance Fitbit app - Tracker settings - choose Distance as Main Goal. At this point i,ve get more correct distance statistic result.

gps fitbit accuracy cycling forum

I am having the same issuedid a bike ride today performance bike gps the blaze to select the fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy "Bike". Put on the app on my phone, then connected it to my phones gps and started to ride.

Came home and did a comparison of the distancethe fitbit app gave a bike ride of 4.

gps accuracy forum cycling fitbit

I checked the map the fitbit app gives and it was spot on. I have seen the same diferences when doing my runsmy blaze tells me the run is 2. Same issue yesterday.

forum cycling gps accuracy fitbit

Started bike ride on blaze. Have it synced also to Strava. I know my ride was about 14 cyclig. Looked at fit bit as nd it said 9. Strava correctly said Same issue during running.

accuracy gps fitbit cycling forum

So the raw data being sent from fit bit to Strava is correct but calculated wrong by fit bit. This is not good. I like fit bit but will have to just use the blaze as a daily fitness driver and watch and pull out fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy old moto sport for GPS tracking.

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This is very dissapointing. Fitbit needs to investigate this and fix it since I know the raw data is correct.

gps fitbit forum accuracy cycling

This is just more evidence that the calculation is wrong! Sadly for those of us who want relatively accurate data, we can't rely on it.

accuracy gps forum fitbit cycling

I could not recommend fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy Blaze for tracking GPS activities. VikSteps In your earlier posts you mention under reporting, in the Southern Hemisphere some of us have tested and proved there is over reporting on wired bicycle computers. Also, keep in mind that in order to have more accurate information your phones need to be compatible mobile devices.

Ffitbit hope this helps, see you around. If you like something I recommended, vote for that post and mark it as a solution.

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You'll make me happy! I usually don't reply to posts in a negative way but the post above must be autogenerated because it just restates useless help info and does not address fkrum any of us are trying to tell fitbit.

forum gps fitbit accuracy cycling

The raw data is correct when loaded into Strava but incorrect within the fitbit app. That is the issue.

gps accuracy forum cycling fitbit

Not compatibility. And I see more of this for the Blaze and not the Charge 2.

Fitbit Charge 3 // The Review - Fitness Features in Detail

Apple may be dominating the wearable space, but Fitbit isn't far behind. Long before Apple even made smartwatches, Fitbit made fitness trackers for all types of people who would like to become healthier or advance their training to the next level.

accuracy cycling gps fitbit forum

These devices are meant to not only fix some of the shortcomings of the Alta HR but to also attract users who have never worn fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy wearable before. There are plenty of those people, and Fitbit is betting that a good portion of them don't want a smartwatch and would jump at the chance to spend less on something that's just as capable pc8 it comes to fitness.

We recently spent about a week with the Inspire Fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy to see for ourselves if Fitbit had taken what Ars saw as the best tracker out there forumm in fact made it better. And perhaps more importantly to this fitness brand, how compelling is this new wearable for newbies? There are noticeable differences between the Alta HR and the Inspire HR in design, but none are so garish that they warrant outrage—or even strong feelings.

Fitbit Inspire HR review: A worthy $99 investment in your health

The Inspire HR looks like a refined Alta HR, with rounded corners, an oval-shaped underbody, and fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy bands that attach via quick-release pins. Due to its curved profile, the Inspire HR like the Alta HR struggles to lay flat on a table unless it's tilted to one of its sides.

cycling gps forum accuracy fitbit

With these, the watch can both check metrics such as speed and distance against what the GPS is reading for a more accurate reading, as well as lean on the built-in sensors when GPS coverage is spotty.

Fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy are quite acuracy few watches and fitness trackers that are now introducing wrist cyc,ing optical heart rate monitors. To get a reading they need to be in direct contact with your body and cannot be worn on top of arm warmers or jackets, and there have also been reports of wonky results read through tattoos. They also need to be worn fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy on the wrist, and riding over rough terrain may cause inaccurate readings. A few of the higher-end GPS watches offer some definition of breadcrumb style navigation.

Routes must be preloaded into the device but garmin wifi gps most of them points of interest can be placed at junctions so the watch will buzz as you approach them.

There's a truckload of fitness trackers and smartwatches to choose from. Here's how to My Profile; Forums · Sign Out If one of your friends owns a fitness tracker, there's a good chance it's a Fitbit -- the company has the largest user base. Cyclists should consider a GPS bike computer for measuring distance and speed.

GPS watches are also a big hit with the triathletes and adventure racers among us. Most of these units come with more fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy modes than you can shake a stick at but some also allow the ability to add or create custom ones.

For comfort sake most of these watches come with flexible silicone bands, but to class them up some are available with metal bands.

forum cycling accuracy fitbit gps

Even further, others offer aftermarket leather and fabric bands. A scratched watch screen is cyclinng good to anybody, and long gone are the plastic screens of the old Timex Ironman watches.

Most of the current crop of GPS watches will come with a mineral or Gorilla Fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy screen, while the premium units get a sapphire or crystal screen. Just like with phones and GPS headunits, quite a lot of cycling and multisport watches are getting touchscreens.

accuracy fitbit gps forum cycling

Others share that info via a simple LED light display or only via an app. When you sync the data fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy your smartphone or computer professional gps units, the tracker's companion app not only archives the information, it also helps you interpret and analyze it.

Before you make a final decision, preview the tracker's companion app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play to make sure it acucracy up to your expectations.

accuracy cycling fitbit forum gps

Compatibility Before you pull out your wallet, make sure the device is simpatico with your cell phone or computer. Some trackers sync only with Apple's iOS. Others only with Android. And most do not work with Windows.

forum gps fitbit accuracy cycling

Accuracy Trackers are not foolproof. They use sensors and algorithms to parse footsteps, punches thrown, stairs climbed, hours slept.

That means there's some degree of imprecision. If you need hard data, you may want to pursue bluetooth bicycle fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy device. In general, heart rate monitors that strap to your chest and transmit info to your activity tracker are more precise than the in-device sensors applied to your wrist.

Battery Life Depending on the sophistication of the device, battery life can stretch from one day to several months. A tracker with a color touchscreen and an armada of sensors will need to be charged more frequently than a simple band with a few LED lights on its fitbit forum cycling gps accuracy. It's also worth noting gs not all trackers are rechargeable. Some run on the coin cell batteries often used in cameras and calculators.

Solved: Walks, Runs, Cycling, Workout - Fitbit Community

Water How often do you encounter water when you work out? That's an important consideration, too. Some trackers are just splash proof.

cycling fitbit accuracy forum gps

Others can withstand a hardy shower—indoors or out. But if you're going to wear your tracker in the pool, it should be waterproof.

cycling fitbit gps accuracy forum

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News:Mar 12, - Fitbit packed many essentials into its $99 replacement for the Alta HR. While that feature has generally been accurate in my testing, it has The Inspire HR doesn't have a GPS in its tiny frame, but you can use It receives notifications from the apps you choose in Fitbit's mobile app, but that's about it.

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