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Nov 25, - Nyon is the top of the range display system that Bosch developed to Also new for you can decide if you want mountain bike routes or not! You can then monitor and analyze the data on your smartphone, computer or.

Bosch Nyon Computer

You can create your own personal, networked, nyon bike computer eBike nyon bike computer on the nyon bike computer.

Funktion Overview Ride Clear overview Whether time, speed, shift recommendation, range, distance, battery charge level or cadence — Nyon shows you all the most important information at a glance. Motor support when required The new user interface makes your Nyon even easier to personalize. Define your own personal cockpit by choosing from more than 20 different options and three suggested designs.

Personalized user interface Sporty or relaxed — Select one of five different riding modes to suit your own individual motor support requirements. You can adapt driving modes individually using an additional premium function. Navigation Convenient route planning Plan your own route using the portal, Nyon and eBike Connect app or upload routes to the eBike Connect online portal as GPX tracks Select route profiles Choose from one of three suggested routes: You can choose between the fastest route, most picturesque route or a route for eMountain bikers, predominantly along dirt tracks.

Alternatively, the shortest route is calculated for njon bikes. Stopovers Discover the hike beautiful places inbike wireless bike computer, multi function waterproof bicycle speedometer with backlight the route nyon bike computer include a maximum of eight stopovers when planning your eBike tours. More storage space The 8 GB memory provides sufficient space for storing maps.

bike computer nyon

However, you can continue navigating with a full memory: Maximum assistance up to high cadences, for sporty riding. To reduce the motor assistance, press the "-" button.

A new generation of fitness

To reduce nyon bike computer motor support, gps comparisson the button "-". You can see the current support level for example in the Riding mode. And in the Navigation as well as Fitness modes as well, you can see what support level is currently active.

The premium function "Custom Riding Modes" allows Nyon owners to adjust four compkter operating modes themselves.

computer nyon bike

After purchasing via the shop in the eBike Connect app, you will find the settings in the eBike Connect app and in the online portal www. Switching from the standard modes to custom riding modes takes place via the sub-menu in the "Ride" operating mode. Previously blue elements are then coloured yellow. While riding, the conversion takes place between the custom riding modes as usual nyon bike computer the buttons "plus" and "minus" on the operating unit garmin edge 520 gps cycling computer head unit the handlebar.

In order to return garmin 510 firmware the default riding modes, select the sub-feature "Standard modes". If Nyon is already connected to a Wi-Fi network nyon bike computer a USB device, it will notify you automatically if a software update nyon bike computer available. After about one minute, Nyon will display an update notification.

computer nyon bike

Simply follow the short steps given in that notification. Then go to "Search for updates" in the "My Nyon" menu and Nyon will search for available software updates. If an update is available, a notification will be displayed.

Connect Nyon using a USB cable and follow the instructions. Press the "WALK" button to activate the walk-assistance function. Walk nyon bike computer deactivates when any one of the following actions is implemented or occurs: Computee let go of the "WALK" button up to model year ios best cycling gps The eBikes wheels are nyon bike computer e.

bike computer nyon

The maximum speed for the walk-assistance function is exceeded. The crank is blocked. Please use the "Walk" function only for its intended purpose.

computer nyon bike

A risk of injury may arise if the wheels have no contact with the ground e. You have three ways to turn on the eBike system: Put Nyon in nyon bike computer holder. The eBike system will automatically turn on.

The all-in-one ebike computer: Nyon Performance (Bosch eBike)

Your bicycle dealer can define what service interval is nyon bike computer. The eBike can be renamed in "My eBike" and user-defined screens can also be updated as well as any customised individual riding modes.

The function eShift serves to integrate the bike's gear shifting into your eBikes system. The eShift system ensures that are you always in the correct gear.

Fitting Products for Bosch Nyon (E-Bike Display) - free shipping | protectionfilmscom

App In the eBike Connect app, nyon bike computer Login. Once you have entered your e-mail address and password and tapped the Login button, your us bike rte 1 maine gps nyon bike computer ready to go. It's not possible to log into the eBike Connect app with Facebook. Please log-in at www.

Facebook can still be used for login via the online portal. Portal In the eBike Connect online portal: Click on the blue highlighted "Login" button at the top edge of the screen of the online portal www.

bike computer nyon

Alternatively, you can also log in using the login details of your existing Facebook customer account. Nyon If the device is brand-new, you first select what nyon bike computer you wish to use.

In the subsequent steps, there are multiple options to choose from: The option nyon bike computer doesn't offer any online functions and is suited e. Decide which option you wish to use and follow the instructions on Nyon, computr eBike Connect app. You can subsequently nyon bike computer a PIN on your Nyon. There are two possible ways of registering on eBike Connect: Open the app and follow the steps outlined under Register.

Portal Go best garmin for the money to the website https: Please switch on Nyon, select your language and follow the instructions.

Bosch Nyon

You have the nyon bike computer options for putting Nyon into operation: You can perform a test ride without having to register or enter data in advance. Your eBiking and user data are only stored locally on your on-board computer.

computer nyon bike

The data entered there remain saved after turning off the on-board computer, but aren't synchronised with an eBike Connect account. Insert Nyon into gike display holder, download the smartphone app eBike Connect onto your smartphone, install the app on your smartphone, and complete the registration process. Once the connection has been established, the trip data will be nyon bike computer with your eBike Connect account.

Nyon bike computer to a WLAN of your choice. You'll then be referred to the online portal eBike Connect.

bike computer nyon

There you can complete your registration process. Once you're registered, the trip data will be synchronised with eBike Connect. You can delete your complete profile under Profile. Selected data can be deleted via the Profile. Individual activities can be deleted nyon bike computer the Activities.

Bosch Nyon Display Retrofit Kit

See also our data protection privacy guidelines for more in-depth information. App You can also use the eBike Connect app to log-in to some other on-board computer. To do so, go the tab "My eBike". There you can manage and add devices.

You can then select what Bosch eBike on-board computer you nyon bike computer to connect to. If nyon bike computer on-board computer is registered by some other user account, all data that have not yet nyon bike computer synchronised are deleted. Nyon You can also use your account to connect directly computerr the "other" Nyon.

In your data privacy settings you can adjust what data can be processed by eBike Connect.

Bosch bike with carrier battery. 10 Nyon. 5. Battery. 6. Charger. EC declaration of conformity CE You can choose how much of a boost you would like. .. board computer for 10 minutes, the eBike system will shut.

Remove your Nyon from your eBike at the end of your ride. However, please leave the existing Bluetooth connection to your smartphone bicycle pedometer app or ensure that Nyon bike computer is connected to a WLAN. Using the right gear and therefore having the right cadence is very important nyon bike computer a Bosch ebike, because it allows the motor to work at a more efficient rate the motor works at its best with a cadence compuger rpm.

This translates into a higher range, and therefore in happier e-cyclists. For its ebikes, Bosch has decided to partner with three important actors:.

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Bosch ebikes can be integrated with the Shimano electronic Di2 gear. The data provided by the derailleur in particular, the selected gear will be shown directly on the Nyon display.

The new Shimano pieces necessary for the coupling with Bosch are:. The derailleurs which can be nyon bike computer are the following:. Bosch has also started to collaborate with Technologies Nyon bike computer, the producers of the NuVinci, a continuously variable and automatic gear-shifting system.

In this way, rider 10 gps cycling computer is possibile to always keep the preferred pedalling cadence.

Top Hidden features on the Bosch Nyon eBike Computer

This is not new per se, but the agreement now allows bik NuVinci H Sync to be completely integrated with the Nyon controller, upcoming garmin products making it not necessary to have a separate controller: The H Sync system is based on the CAS nyon bike computer, and will therefore be compatible not only with the Bosch system, nyon bike computer also with other ebike systems.

What does it all mean in practice? The Performance Speed coputer ensures a smoother response with sporty characteristics and Active Line is for those enthusiastic leisure riders.

computer nyon bike

With w of power delivers up to 75nm of bikw the Bosch system ensures nyon bike computer of nyon bike computer when it is nyon bike computer. Bosch batteries are available from Wh to Wh depending on the price point and have been proven to offer exceptional mileage and long service life.

The on-board computer allows a variety of different displays from the sleek look to the Nyon which has all the information that your ever need for your ride at the touch of a button, to Intuvia and Purion which give a simpler display for ease of use.

Shimano are best known for their excellent gearing and braking componentry and over the last 45 years have become the market leader in nyon bike computer area so it is no surprise to find them making electric bike components.

Shimano Steps offers three easy to define disciplines to allow you to pick the correct system for computdr intended use. Available in City, MTB and Trekking versions they each have their own characteristics to get the best out of your electric bike system. City, with the powerful E motor, delivers an output torque ocmputer 50Nm for ultimate performance and reliability.

Trekking versions use the same motor as the City but add a little more power for those long adventures. MTB utilises the E drive unit which has a slightly different motor design allowing bike manufactures to use shorter chain stays and add greater heel and tyre clearance.

With its maximum output of 70nm of torque it also packs a punch. Garmin chat produced specialist mechatronics systems for gps computer for bike automotive industry with electric motors for auxillary systems nyon bike computer as vehicle doors, cooling systems and Steering.

The Brose system comes from the development of steering motors from millions of cars which technology has been applied to an electric bike motor.

computer nyon bike

The Brose motor is one of the quietest on the market and compatible with various displays and batteries computet enable maximum integration for your chosen discipline.

News:Original Bosch Nyon Bordcomputer ✱ das neue und innovative A new generation of e-bike board computers, which should not be missing on any pedelec! You can choose the fastest, the most energy-efficient or your individual route.

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